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Primary view of An Anthropometrical Study in the Nutrition of Children, Using the Wetzel Grid
Drew, Bennie P.
Primary view of The Ascorbic Acid Content of Orange Marmalade Made With and Without Commercial Pectin
Burt, Dorthy Farris
Primary view of The Ascorbic Acid Content of School Lunches Served at the North Texas State Teachers College Demonstration School During March and April, 1944
Bryan, Ada Ruth
Primary view of Background Variables Affecting the Clothing Interests of High School Girls in Metropolitan Groups
Boswell, Mary Middleton
Primary view of Biological Assay of Vitamin A of Certain Texas Foods
Ballew, Jewell Elizabeth
Primary view of Dark Adaptation of Second and Third Grade Children
Rohrer, Lois Young
Primary view of Dark Adaptation Studies with Adults and Children, Using the Biophotometer
Collins, Mary Margaret
Primary view of The Dietary Habits of Fifty-Nine North Texas State Teachers College Students Doing Light Housekeeping
Kellar, Loren
Primary view of The Disappearance of Crude Fiber and Lignin from the Digestive Tracts of Young College Women
McCarty, Faye A.
Primary view of The Effect of Storage on the Ascorbic Acid Content of Four Varieties of Canned Fruit Juice
Willard, Helen
Primary view of Effectiveness of the Problem-Solving Method in Developing Thinking Ability in Homemaking Students
Baker, Frances Basye
Primary view of Effects of a Split Semester on Personal and Social Adjustment of Adolescents
Black, Verlin Harmon
August 1960
Primary view of Evaluation of a Twelve Months Homemaking Program
Evans, Mary Elizabeth
Primary view of An Evaluation of Student Growth When the Goal-Seeking Method is Employed in Teaching a Foods Unit
Lindley, Edith Ross
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Effect of Participation in Certain Lunchroom Activities upon the Acceptance of Food by Elementary School Children
Morrow, Annie Launa
Primary view of Fasting Hour Excretion Test for Riboflavin Using College Women as Subjects
Beard, Gertrude Ophelia
Primary view of Losses of Vitamin C Content During the Cooking of Summer Squash
Woodruff, Reba N.
Primary view of A Plate Waste Study Made in a Small Type "A" Lunchroom
Boren, Mabel Adelia
Primary view of A Rat-Growth Study of Typical Low-Cost Texas Diets
Hunter, Margaret
Primary view of Relative Effectiveness of Two Methods of Teaching Personal Development to Homemaking Girls
Fagg, Carmen Bernice
Primary view of Riboflavin Metabolism of College Women on Self-Selected Diets
Harris, Jimmie Nell
Primary view of Selection of Ready-to-Wear Dresses by Women in Denver City, Texas
Smith, Texie Addington
August 1940
Primary view of Some Factors Affecting the Selection of the Plate Lunch
Key, Merlene Hunnicutt
August 1959
Primary view of A Study of Dark Adaption of Freshman High School Girls and Boys
Williams, Ollie Ann