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Primary view of An Analysis of the Sources of Tax Revenue of the State of Texas
McCloud, Leland W.
Primary view of Appeals Made to Employees to Influence Their Decision Regarding Collective Bargaining
Boyd, Sulton J.
Primary view of The Automatic Adjustment of Wages to Changes in Price Levels
Turpen, George William
Primary view of Communism in China
Dickie, Alex, Jr.
Primary view of A Critique of John Maynard Keynes' Concept of the Propensity to Consume
Ashby, James B.
Primary view of Crude Oil Pipe Lines: A Study of Economic Control
Bass, Carlyle McCoy
Primary view of The Dairy Industry and the Texas Antitrust Laws
Self, Stanley Allen
Primary view of The Development of the River Resources of the United States is a Public Function
Smith, Roger
Primary view of The Development of the Theory of Economic Law Prior to Classical Economics
Pearson, John E.
Primary view of Did the Construction of Lake Dallas Benefit or Injure Denton County from the Tax Valuation Standpoint
Millar, Abram A.
Primary view of The Discount Operations of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Richardson, Jean
Primary view of Disposition of Disputed Cases, Involving Non-Basic Wage, Union Security, and Non-Wage Issues of the Oil Refining Industry by the Eighth Regional War Labor Board
Grubbs, Kenneth R.
Primary view of The Economic Aspects of Prevailing Trends in Women's Education Programs
Mullennix, Patricia Ochsenbein
Primary view of Economic Aspects of the Radio Broadcasting Industry
Hicks, Thomas L.
Primary view of A History of the First State Bank of Gladewater, Texas, and Its Economic Relationship with the Community
McLean, Billy B.
June 1948
Primary view of A History of the Labor Movement in the Oil Industry
Mullennix, Grady L.
Primary view of The Impact of the Second World War upon Agriculture in Henderson County, Texas
George, Willard H.
Primary view of The Labor Policy of the Ford Motor Company at Dallas, Texas
Sumner, Vance Davidson
Primary view of Monopolies and Wastes in the Steel Industry
Lentz, Oscar H., Jr.
Primary view of The Need for Co-Operation Among Independent Food Retailers of Denton, Texas
Cook, Herschell D.
June 1942
Primary view of The Organization and Development of Consumer Cooperatives in Plano, Texas
Marshall, Vada G.
August 1949
Primary view of Postwar World Wheat Cartels and Competitive Theory
Gates, Thomas Virgil
Primary view of The Present Status of Sociology in Texas High Schools
Bryant, Stella Senor
Primary view of Reciprocal Trade Agreements and our Latin American Neighbors
White, William Grady