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Primary view of Adlerian Counseling and the Early Recollections of Children
Statton, Jane Ellis Porter
May 1990
Primary view of Comparative Analysis of Intensive Filial Therapy with Intensive Individual Play Therapy and Intensive Sibling Group Play Therapy with Child Witnesses of Domestic Violence
Smith, Nancy Renfer
December 2000
Primary view of A Comparison of Profiles of Success in Two Instructional Methods
Williams, John David, 1948-
August 1987
Primary view of A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Three Approaches to Preservice Human Relations Training for Teachers
McWilliams, J. Hudson
August 1974
Primary view of Comparison of the Effectiveness of Two Interentions for the Treatment of Agoraphobia
Self, Carolyn
August 1989
Primary view of A Comparison Study of Individual and Group Play Therapy In Treating Kindergarten Children with Adjustment Problems
Rennie, Robyn Lynette
May 2000
Primary view of Development of a Discouragement Scale for Adults with Normative Data for Gay Males
Chernin, Jeffrey N.
December 1996
Primary view of Effects of Group Counseling and Group Discussion on Selected Personality Variables of First-Year Theology Students
Qualia, Linda R. (Linda Raffel)
August 1987
Primary view of The Effects of Systematic Desensitization on Test Anxiety, General Anxiety, and Attitude Toward School Among Fifth-Grade Pupils
Lautin, Devora Juster
May 1973
Primary view of Elder Abuse: A Multi-Case Study
Powell, Sharon L. (Sharon Leigh)
August 1986
Primary view of Family Stress Factors Across Three Family Types
Barlow, Karen Haun
August 1987
Primary view of Filial Therapy Training with Undergraduate Teacher Trainees; Child-Teacher Relationship Training
Brown, Christopher J.
May 2000
Primary view of Goals of Behavior, Social Interest and Parent Attitudes in an Alternative School
Downing, Rebecca
August 1987
Primary view of The Impact of a Nursing Program on Stress, Physical Illness, Anxiety, and Self-Concept of Participants in a Community College Nursing Program
Gray, Sylvia Jane
May 1987
Primary view of A Meta-Analysis of Studies on Self-Concept Between the Years of 1976 and 1986
Cook, Peggy Jo
August 1987
Primary view of Operant Conditioning of Counselor Verbal Responses Through Radio Communication
Tentoni, Stuart Charles
May 1974
Primary view of Parent Adaptive Doll Play with Children Experiencing Parental Separation/Divorce
Brennan, Carol A. (Carol Ann)
December 1990
Primary view of Parents as Therapeutic Agents: A Study of the Effect of Filial Therapy
Glass, Nancy, 1949
May 1986
Primary view of Pretherapy Religious Value Information its Influence on Stated Perceptions of and Willingness to See a Counselor
Burnett, William A. (William Albert)
August 1986
Primary view of The Student Service Related Problems of International and English as a Second Language Students in a Selected Community College
Paez, Georgia Somerville
December 1985
Primary view of A Survey Study of a Human Relations Training Program for a Select Group of Airport Public Safety Officers
Hutto, Emmette R.
August 1974