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An Analysis of the Seasonal Food Habits of Two Species of Texas Centrarchids
This thesis explores the feeding habits of sunfish and bluegill in Texas lakes. Data gathered for this study is aimed to aid conservation of these pan fish by making a contribution toward a greater life history understanding of each species.
Bottom Fauna of Lake Worth
This thesis describes the vertical distribution, quality, and quantity of the fauna found at the bottom of Lake Worth in Texas.
A Comparison of Exotic and Domestic Species in American Zoological Gardens and their Practical Educational Value
This thesis presents a comparison of zoos and zoological gardens in the United States, Europe, and Asia. After an examination of these entities, the appeal and educational value of particular species is determined.
A Net Plankton Survey of a Small Perennial Pond
This thesis resulted from an examination of Lake Worth plankton in comparison to plankton found in similar bodies of water throughout the United States.
Preliminary Report on the Status of the Mourning Dove in Throckmorton County, Texas
This thesis presents the results of an examination conducted to determine the status of mourning doves in Throckmorton County, Texas.
To Determine the Status of Sex Education of High School Seniors
The average level of sexual knowledge and attitudes about sexual situations among surveyed high school seniors in Gregg County, Texas are presented in this thesis.