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An 18th Century Near-Death Experience: The Case of George de Benneville

Description: Article discussing the near-death experience (NDE) of George de Benneville during the 18th century, regarding his autobiographical account of the religious vision he had during his experience. It also compares the account to other ancient and modern NDEs.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Vincent, Ken R. & Morgan, John C.

An Anthropological Perspective on Near-Death-Like Experiences in Three Men's Pregnancy-Related Spiritual Crises

Description: Article bringing a transpersonal perinatal anthropological perspective to the study of three fathers' near-death-like experiences (NDEs) with the "spiritual emergencies" of three New Zealand men during their partners' pregnancies. It explores the seemingly anomalous male birth/death/rebirth experiences and draws some parallels with what some Western researchers have called "the shamanic crisis," and compares their stories with the symbolic reproductive maneuvers of shaman midwives.
Date: Summer 2006
Creator: Lahood, Gregg

Commentary on "Nondualistic Experiences of Light in Near-Death Experiences and in The Tibetan Book of the Dead"

Description: Abstract: René Jorgensen's editorial comparing the Clear Light in The Tibetan Book of the Dead (or Bardo Thodol) and the experience of light in some near-death experiences (NDEs) does not adequately acknowledge either the diversity of NDEs or the possibility that the content of The Tibetan Book of the Dead may be metaphorical. Similarities between descriptions of light in some NDEs and descriptions of the Clear Light in The Tibetan Book of the Dead may reflect similar underlying neural mechanisms and does not provide validation for either description. Any relevance of these descriptions to enlightenment is speculative.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Murphy, Todd

Councilor's Report: 2006 Annual Conference - New Orleans

Description: This article discusses the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in 2006, which took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Information about the topics discussed and issues that were brought up are included.
Date: 2006
Creator: Hartman, Cathy Nelson

Councilor's Report: 2006 Midwinter Meeting - San Antonio

Description: This article discusses the American Library Association (ALA) midwinter meeting in 2006, which was held in San Antonio. The discussions include an increase in dues and several resolutions.
Date: 2006
Creator: Hartman, Cathy Nelson

The Divine Light and Ecstasy in Religious and Near-Death Experiences: A Retrospective Glance and a View for the Future

Description: Article discussing the interpretation and religious aspects of near-death experiences (NDEs). NDEs can be viewed as the latest stage in a long history of a phenomenon that transcends cultural and temporal boundaries. The article purports that by focusing on where such profound human experience shares common ground, we will be able to see humanity itself at perhaps its most sublime level.
Date: Summer 2006
Creator: Bain, Brian A.

A Near-Death Experience in Pu Songling's Strange Stories from Liaozhai's Studio

Description: Abstract: I present in this paper a tale from Pu Songling's "Strange Stories from Liaozhai's Studio." This story seems to contain the following key elements of a near-death experience: the life review, travel through a spiritual world, and a pilgrimage to obtain a healthy physical body "to return to life." I discuss the content of the life review in terms of emotionally tagged souvenirs. Other contents of the story are clearly culturally dependent and I discuss them within the framework of Oriental thought.
Date: Winter 2006
Creator: Gómez-Jeria, Juan S.

Neglected Near-Death Phenomena

Description: Article suggesting several topics for further work in the area of near-death phenomena.
Date: Spring 2006
Creator: Alvarado, Carlos S.

Out-of-Body Experiences: All in the Brain?

Description: Article presenting arguments supporting the conclusion that the subtitle claims of an article published in "Nature" were not well-founded and that much research remains to be conducted to unravel the mystery of out-of-body experiences.
Date: Winter 2006
Creator: Holden, Janice M.; Long, Jeffrey & MacLurg, Jason

Rediscovering "Toscanini: The Man Behind the Legend"

Description: This article is based on the authors' presentation at the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) Conference in Austin, Texas, April 2005 and discusses Arturo Toscanini.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: McKnight, Mark & Cleveland, Susannah, 1972-

Six Major Challenges Faced by Near-Death Experiencers

Description: Article shedding light on some of the unique personal and spiritual challenges that people face following near-death experiences (NDEs).
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Stout, Yolaine M.; Jacquin, Linda A. & Atwater, P. M. H.

A Study of Near-Death Experiences and Coping with Stress

Description: Study investigating the effect of a near-death experience (NDE) on an experiencer's ability to cope with stress. The intent of the study is to determine whether changes reported by experiencers have a practical, psychological application in their day-to-day lives.
Date: Spring 2006
Creator: Brumm, Kristin