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A Comparison of Near-Death Experiences Occurring Before and After 1975: Results From an Internet Survey

Description: Abstract: The 1975 publication of Life After Life (Moody, 1975) led to wide public recognition of near death experiences (NDEs). Much of the early NDE research, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, studied NDEs occurring predominantly before 1975. If the content and aftereffects of NDEs remained constant before and after 1975, this early NDE research may be considered applicable to NDEs occurring more recently. This study used the methodology of an Internet-based questionnaire survey that has not been previously reported. A total of 218 NDErs were surveyed. The only statistical differences between the group with NDEs before 1975 (n=48) compared with the group with NDEs during or after 1975 (n=170) were due to expected differences in NDEr age at the time of the NDE, and age currently. No other significant difference was found between these two groups with regard to NDE deomgraphics, experience elements, or aftereffects studied.
Date: Autumn 2003
Creator: Long, Jeffrey P. & Long, Jody A.

The Elias Project: Using the Near-Death Experience Potential in Therapy

Description: Article describing the therapeutic usefulness of near-death experiences (NDEs). The fundamental hypothesis is that reports of NDEs together with relevant research can be understood to be a modern book of death and dying, one that is not only useful but also applicable to therapeutic purposes.
Date: Winter 2003
Creator: Winkler, Engelbert

Hyperdimensional Perspectives in Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences

Description: Article examining the possibility of additional dimensions (hyperdimensions), what they would seem like, and whether they seem to be described by the unusual visual perspectives found in out-of-body and near-death experience accounts, as well as examining some implications of a hyperdimensional model of the universe.
Date: Summer 2003
Creator: Brumblay, Robert J.

The Nature and Meaning of the Near-Death Experience for Patients and Critical Care Nurses

Description: Study designed to develop a conceptual framework for the near-death experience (NDE), reflecting its nature and meaning for the patient and the critical care nurse. The study used naturalistic inquiry to examine the question: What is the nature and meaning of an NDE and how has it influenced the individual's view of the self, the future, and feelings and beliefs about life and death?
Date: Spring 2003
Creator: Morris, Linda L. & Knafl, Kathleen

The Near-Death Experience and Christian Universalism

Description: Article exploring the near-death experience (NDE) in teh context of the theology of Christian Universalism. The article provides data on various models of Christian theology, and presents the model of Restorative Universalism as the one most compatible with reports of afterlife in the NDE.
Date: Autumn 2003
Creator: Vincent, Ken R.

A New Perspective on the Afterlife Issue

Description: Article exploring the claim that human beings survive death as conscious entities, suggesting that a recording may persist of some aspects of one's life, of which some people may become aware under certain circumstances. The author examines whether this interpretation of phenomena believed oto be afterlife-related is plausible in terms of current scientific knowledge.
Date: Autumn 2003
Creator: Krishnan, V.

A Quantum Biomechanical Basis for Near-Death Life Reviews

Description: Article introducing the unifying paradigm of the quantum hologram as a non-local carrier of information, and investigating the interrelated phenomena of non-local communications and the electromagnetic zero-point field.
Date: Spring 2003
Creator: Beck, Thomas E. & Colli, Janet E.

The Reenchantment of Death: Near-Death, Death Awareness, and the New Age

Description: Article discussing a contextual question regarding the receptivity of the near-death phenomenon. This question concerns the social conditions that have popularized the discourse of the near-death experience. These conditions can be identified as the reenchantment of the world within the context of the New Age, the emergence of death awareness in a rapidly aging population, and the renewal of faith within the context of religious revivalism.
Date: Winter 2003
Creator: Lee, Raymond L. M.

Response to "A New Perspective on the Afterlife Issue"

Description: Article responding to V. Krishnan's argument that the phenomenon of children who claim to remember previous lives indicates that an inanimate recording of a person's mental activity at the time of death persists in the local area after he or she dies. According to the author, several areas of empirical evidence conflict with this hypothesis.
Date: Autumn 2003
Creator: Tucker, Jim B.

Validity and Reliability of the Near-Death Experience Scale-6 (NDE-6)

Description: Research study reporting the development and psychometric properties of a 6-item Near-Death Experience Scale (NDE-6) drawn largely from the 16-item parent scale. This short form evidenced adequate test-retest reliability and internal consistency, as well as construct validity. The index shows promise for use in research and as a screening scale in clinical contexts.
Date: Winter 2003
Creator: Prosnick, Kevin P. & Evans, William J.