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Afterward: Making Meaning After a Frightening Near-Death Experience

Description: Abstract: The routes by which individuals attribute meaning to a near-death experience (NDE) appear to be similar, whether the experience was radiant or terrifying. This article explores three such avenues in relation to frightening experiences. I argue that resisting a terrifying NDE is likely to intensify fearfulness in an individual, and also that a similar effect occurs within society when this type of experience is resisted and misunderstood. The article concludes with an approach to synthesis and suggested techniques that may be useful in integrating the experience.
Date: Winter 2002
Creator: Bush, Nancy Evans

Changes in Heart Transplant Recipients That Parallel the Personalities of Their Donors

Description: Study evaluating whether changes following heart transplant surgery parallel the history of the donors, based on the systemic memory hypothesis which predicts that all dynamical systems that contain recurrent feedback loops store information and energy to various degrees.
Date: Spring 2002
Creator: Pearsall, Paul; Schwartz, Gary E. R. & Russek, Linda G. S.

A Prospective Analysis of Near-Death Experiences in Cardiac Arrest Patients

Description: Study assessing prospectively the frequency of near-death experiences (NDEs) in patients suffering a cardiac arrest, characterizing these experiences, and assessing their impact on psychosocial and spiritual attitudes.
Date: Summer 2002
Creator: Schwaninger, Janet; Eisenberg, Paul R.; Schechtman, Kenneth B. & Weiss, Alan N.

The Resistance to Belief

Description: Article exploring situations, using a recent near-death experience (NDE) example, in which there are reasonable evidence and logic, and yet belief seems to be withheld. The author postulates and discusses nonrational influences producing resistance to belief, including the fear of being in error, the fear of rejection from the scientific community, irrational requirements of logicality, avoidance of consequences, and paradigm fixation, as well as discussing issues in philosophy of science and epistemology in regard to proof.
Date: Winter 2002
Creator: Hastings, Arthur

Who's Afraid of Life After Death?

Description: Article discussing the academy's refusal to examine the evidence for an afterlife, and tendency to cling to materialism as if it were a priori true, instead of a posteriori false. The author suggests several explanations for the monumental failure of curiosity on the part of academia.
Date: Autumn 2002
Creator: Grossman, Neal