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Primary view of An Assessment of Physicians' Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward the Near-Death Experience
Moore, Linda Hutton
Winter 1994
Primary view of At the Edge of Eternity's Shadows: Scaling the Fractal Continuum from Lower into Higher Space
Greene, F. Gordon
Summer 2003
Primary view of Automated Creation of Analytic Catalog Records for Born-Digital Journal Articles
Hawkins, Kevin S.
May 19, 2015
Primary view of "Being One with God Is Something That Can Be Done Without Rules": Commentary on Allan Kellehear's "Near-Death Experiences and the Pursuit of the Ideal Society"
Weibust, Patricia S.
Winter 1991
Primary view of Best Practices for Librarians Embedded in Online Courses
Hoffman, Starr & Ramin, Lilly
Primary view of Biography indexes reviewed
Sassen, Catherine
September 2012
Primary view of Bozzano and the First Classification of Deathbed Visions: A Historical Note and Translation
Siegel, Ronald K. & Hirschman, Ada E.
December 1983
Primary view of Brief Report: A Near-Death Experience with Veridical Perception Described by a Famous Heart Surgeon and Confirmed by his Assistant Surgeon
Rivas, Titus & Smit, Rudolf H.
Spring 2013
Primary view of Brief Report: Induced After-Death Communication: An Update
Hannah, Mo Therese; Botkin, Allan L.; Marrone, Joseph G. & Streit-Horn, Jenny
Summer 2013
Primary view of Brief Report: Near-Death Experiences among a Sample of Iranian Muslims
Fracasso, Cheryl; Aleyasin, Seyed Ali; Friedman, Harris & Young, M. Scott
Autumn 2010
Primary view of Brief Report: Phenomenology of Near-Death Experiences: An Analysis of a Maori Case Study
Tassell-Matamua, Natasha
Winter 2013
Primary view of Brief Report: Psychologists' Knowledge of and Attitudes about Near-Death Experiences: Changes over Time and Relationship to Transpersonl Self-Concept
Fracasso, Cheryl; Friedman, Harris & Young, M. Scott
Autumn 2010
Primary view of Brief Report: Psychotherapeutic Outcomes Reported by Therapists Trained in Induced After-Death Communication
Botkin, Allan L. & Hannah, Mo Therese
Summer 2013
Primary view of Briefing the Case: Constitution Day Outreach to Campus and Community
Leuzinger, Julie
Primary view of Building a Better Librarian: Why Your Work As A Librarian Begins LONG Before Your Graduate Program
Jacobs, Courtney E.
July 2012
Primary view of Cardiac Arrest and Near-Death Experiences
Woerlee, G. M.
Summer 2004
Primary view of Cases of the Reincarnation Type with Memories from the Intermission Between Lives
Sharma, Poonam & Tucker, Jim B.
Winter 2004
Primary view of Cataloguing in 2012: On The Cusp Of RDA
Harden, Jean, 1948-
September 2012
Primary view of Census of Non-Western Near-Death Experiences to 2005: Overview of the Current Data
Kellehear, Allan
Summer 2008
Primary view of The Centrality of Near-Death Experiences in Chinese Pure Land Buddhism
Becker, Carl B.
December 1981
Primary view of The Challenge of Multimedia Networking
Halbert, Martin
Primary view of The Challenges of Traveling a Psychospiritual Path in Today's Postmodern Western World
Miller, Judith D.
Winter 2012
Primary view of Changes in Heart Transplant Recipients That Parallel the Personalities of Their Donors
Pearsall, Paul; Schwartz, Gary E. R. & Russek, Linda G. S.
Spring 2002
Primary view of Changes in Religious Beliefs, Attitudes, and Practices Following Near-Death Experiences: An Australian Study
Sutherland, Cherie
Autumn 1990