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Primary view of Carbon Nanotube/Microwave Interactions and Applications to Hydrogen Fuel Cells.
Imholt, Timothy James
May 2004
Primary view of Characterization, Properties and Applications of Novel Nanostructured Hydrogels.
Tang, Shijun
December 2006
Primary view of Design, Construction, and Application of an Electrostatic Quadrupole Doublet for Heavy Ion Nuclear Microprobe Research
Manuel, Jack Elliot
December 2017
Primary view of Effects of Quantum Coherence and Interference
Davuluri, Subrahmanya Bhima Sankar
August 2013
Primary view of Electromagnetically Modulated Sonic Structures
Walker, Ezekiel Lee
May 2014
Primary view of Interaction of Plasmons and Excitons for Low-Dimension Semiconductors
Lin, Jie (physicist)
December 2014
Primary view of Microstructure and Electronic Structures of Er-Doped Si Nano-particles Synthesized by Vapor Phase Pyrolysis
Chen, Yandong
May 2000
Primary view of Monte Carlo simulation and experimental studies of the production of neutron-rich medical isotopes using a particle accelerator.
Rosencranz, Daniela Necsoiu
May 2002
Primary view of Nonlinear Light Generation from Optical Cavities and Antennae
Butler, Sween J
May 2017
Primary view of A Precise Few-nucleon Size Difference by Isotope Shift Measurements of Helium
Hassan Rezaeian, Nima
August 2015
Primary view of Quantum Coherent Control and Propagation in Lambda System
Singh, Pooja
May 2016
Primary view of Random growth of interfaces: Statistical analysis of single columns and detection of critical events.
Failla, Roberto
August 2004
Primary view of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Homo-Epitaxial Chemical Vapor Deposited Diamond (100) Films
Stallcup, Richard E.
May 2000
Primary view of The Stopping of Energetic Si, P and S Ions in Ni, Cu, Ge and GaAs Targets
Nigam, Mohit
December 2001
Primary view of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Nonlinear Bioimaging, Cell Detection and Selective Cell Destruction
Urban, Ben E.
May 2013