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Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr: American Clarinet Performer and Pedagogue

Description: Method books are a major means by which musicians study techniques and performance practices of the past. In addition to being practical tools for learning one's craft, these books serve as a historical reference into the minds of famous performers and teachers. Today's use of nineteenth century method books ensures the instructional lineages of famous clarinetists are carried forward. However, clarinet researchers and historians would be remiss if they did not also record and preserve the distinctive methods of the twentieth century's most effective performers and teachers. Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr is one such clarinetist who has established herself as a substantial twentieth century figure through (1) her performance record, (2) her students' performance and teaching record, and (3) her involvement in the international clarinet community. Review of current literature indicates four articles, five biographic dictionary entries, and one dissertation observation and interview about Dr. Verdehr's methods exist. These sources honor her, provide biographical information, and reference the tenets of her teaching philosophy; however, they do not discuss her detailed methodology or specific pedagogical exercises. Therefore, this text seeks to answer questions about Dr. Verdehr's teaching philosophy and clarinet method in order to record and preserve her life's work. This text provides transcription of over 150 handwritten exercises with primary source commentary. Interview explanations from Dr. Verdehr are combined with analysis of over thirty pages of handwritten material to assemble the first publication of The Verdehr Method: A Suggested Approach and Guide to Studying the Clarinet – Exercises for the Development of Tone, Technique, and Tonguing.
Date: August 2018
Creator: Daffinee, Jennifer Mendez

A Performance Guide for Young Jo Lee's Dodri for Cello and Janggo (1995): Bulgogi Burger on the Stage

Description: Korean composer Young Jo Lee (b.1943) is considered a precursor of Korean fusion music. In his works, he interlaces elements of traditional Korean music with compositional styles and performances techniques from western musical traditions. This dissertation provides an analysis of Lee's Dodri for Cello and Janggo (1995), one of his most representative works of fusion music. As indicated by the title Dodri (which in Korean means a "movement back and forth"), Lee intended to showcase a friendly interplay of the janggo and the cello, with each instrument playing a leading role that helps bring out the essence of traditional Korean traditional music. In this piece, Lee writes a number of melodies and uses traditional Korean performance techniques for the cello intended to imitate the sound and sentiments of traditional Korean instruments, all while preserving its inherent nature. This kind of fusion, where different musical elements are merged with each other but remain separate enough to maintain their own uniqueness, is significant to Lee's philosophy. This dissertation also describes Lee's efforts to preserve the integrity of traditional Korean music within fusion music and lend new insights regarding traditional Korean musical practice to musicologists, composers, and audiences. Furthermore, this study is intended to serve as a performer's guide for professional cellists new to Lee's music so they may approach Dodri with a greater understanding of the composer's original intentions when first learning the work.
Date: May 2018
Creator: Lee, Jeong-Suk Female

A Selected List of Music for Solo Clarinet and Clarinet with Piano by Taiwanese Female Composers Composed between 1986 and 2015: The Investigation of a Neglected Repertory with an Annotated Bibliography

Description: Clarinet works by Taiwanese female composers are not well researched or catalogued, and to date, and no comprehensive research codifies this subcategory in Taiwan or elsewhere. A comprehensive research and bibliography is necessary to the international community. It is hoped that through this annotated bibliography, readers will gain a deeper understanding of this genre. This study contains a brief history of Taiwan's Western music history, the female composers' history in Taiwan, and literature review. A total of twenty compositions by eighteen different Taiwanese female composers are discussed in the annotated bibliography, including thirteen for unaccompanied clarinet and seven for clarinet and piano. Information includes a brief biography of the composer, the date of composition, duration, premiere, dedication, commission, location of the score, difficulty and commentary on the piece.
Date: May 2017
Creator: Wang, Yi-Wen

A Selection of Nineteenth Century Trumpet Literature for Low F Trumpet: A Performance Edition of F. G. A. Dauverné's Variations op. 3 and Amilcare Ponchielli's Concerto per Tromba e Banda op. 123

Description: This dissertation presents a performance guide of two solos for early valved trumpet, as well as an appraisal of their historical significance. The first of these solos is F. G. A. Dauverné's Variations pour trompette à pistons avec accompagnement de Piano-forte, op. 3 (1833). The second solo examined is Amilcare Ponchielli's Concerto per Tromba e Banda, op. 123 (1866). Although Ponchielli's work dates from only the middle of the century, by time of its composition the valved trumpet had already been developed enough to have attained true artistic value. This dissertation provides evidence concerning the evolution of nineteenth solo literature for the Romantic trumpet by means of formal analysis in regard to form, harmony, and historical performance practice.
Date: May 2017
Creator: Monroe, Jonathan T

Suona la tromba: A Discussion of the Trumpet Aria through the Works of Giovanni Legrenzi and Carlo Pallavicino

Description: The early trumpet arias by Giovanni Legrenzi and Carlo Pallavicino are important works in the trumpet repertoire that have remained relatively unpublished and unstudied. This dissertation will look at the history of the trumpet in opera, discuss the development of the trumpet aria, and provide examples of how to approach the performance of the trumpet aria. Through study and performance of the early trumpet arias by Legrenzi and Pallavicino, trumpet soloists will be able to learn the necessary techniques to collaborate with singers and perform all trumpet arias.
Date: August 2018
Creator: Wallin, Spencer

The Use of Orchestral Excerpts in Cello Pedagogy and Daily Exercises

Description: Auditions often require performance of orchestral excerpts as part of the screening process because orchestral literature contains a wealth of technical challenges at different levels of difficulty; however, many cello teachers still only use etudes, sonatas, and concertos for musical development and technical application and do not use orchestral excerpts as pedagogical tools or daily exercises. This dissertation, in an effort to standardize orchestral excerpts as part of common technical exercises, includes the ten most popular major excerpts selected from thirty audition lists from major orchestras in the United States. Analysis of each excerpt highlights different technical elements, provides short exercises to overcome these challenges, and discusses the aspects of cello playing that will benefit most from practicing orchestral excerpts. In this way, these selections can be played in preparation for auditions, as well as incorporated into daily practice routines.
Date: May 2018
Creator: Chuang, Hsiang Chu