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Primary view of Agreement Between Self and Other Ratings in Multi-Rater Tools: Performance, Alternative Measures, and Importance.
Grahek, Myranda
August 2008
Primary view of The Angoff Method and Rater Analysis: Enhancing Cutoff Score Reliability and Accuracy
Baker, Charles E., 1957-
December 1993
Primary view of Antecedents of Commitment to and Support of a Proposed Change Initiative in a Southern Baptist Congregation.
Lee, Audra
August 2009
Primary view of Assessing Measurement Equivalence of the English and Spanish Versions on an Employee Attitude Survey Using Multigroup Analysis in Structural Equation Modeling.
Koulikov, Mikhail
August 2003
Primary view of Commitment as an Indicator of Turnover in First Line Manufacturing Supervision
Tuggle, Tamara K. (Tamara Kay)
August 1994
Primary view of A Comparative Analysis of Three Forms of Evaluating Management Training Programs
Hale, John P.
December 1985
Primary view of A Comparison of Training Needs in the Public and Private Sectors
Delfeld, Lauri A.
August 1994
Primary view of A Concurrent Validation Study of a Paper and Pencil Test Battery for a Sales Position
Irons, Deedra Kim
May 1990
Primary view of Correlates of a Past Behavior Interview for the Business Unit Leader: Experience, Motivation, Personality and Cognitive Ability
Conner, Lane A.
August 2008
Primary view of Cultural Implications of Self-Other Agreement in Multisource Feedback: Comparing Samples from US, China, and Globally Dispersed Teams.
Lin, Yue
August 2007
Primary view of Development and Validation of a Two Factor Model of Adult Career Orientation
Toofanian, Maryam
August 1998
Primary view of Development of a Model of Leadership for Self-Managed Teams in a Greenfield Environment
Burress, Mary Ann
May 1992
Primary view of Development of Biographical Predictors of Cashier Turnover at a Convenience Store Chain
Huffcutt, Allen Ivan
May 1989
Primary view of Dimensional Assessment of Empowerment in Organizations
Bodner, Sarah L.
May 2003
Primary view of The Effect of Presence of Support Systems and Level of Agreement on the Performance of Work Groups
Adcock, John R. (John Roger)
May 1999
Primary view of The Effect of Type A and Type B Personality and Leadership Style on Absenteeism
Nichols, Judith Ann, 1957-
August 1987
Primary view of Effects of Implementing a Competency-Based Performance Management System on Measures of Sales Performance
Lynch, Ronald
May 2000
Primary view of Effects of Performance Levels of Subject Matter Experts on Job Analysis Outcomes
Boyd, Charlotte Friedersdorff
December 1997
Primary view of The Effects of Realistic Job Previews on Turnover in a Financial Services Organization
Goerz, Marilyn J.
August 1987
Primary view of An Employee Participation Change Project and Its Impact on the Organization: a Case Study
Roustaei, Simin
August 1990
Primary view of Evaluation of an Ergonomic Intervention Program for the Prevention of Cumulative Trauma Disorders in Industry
Villaneuva, Raul
August 1989
Primary view of An Examination of the Criterion-Related Validity of a Developmental Assessment Center
Yurkon, Andrew C.
August 1998
Primary view of Factors Impacting Employee Acceptance of an Alternative Reward System
Rose, Jodi (Jodi Louise)
December 1994
Primary view of Factors Relating to Upper Level Employee Support for Organizational Redesign
Street, Amy
August 1990