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Primary view of An Analysis of Adler's Theory and the Female Criminal
Armentrout, Elizabeth G.
August 2004
Primary view of An Analysis of Location and Offender Characteristics for Motor Vehicle Theft in Texas from 2001 to 2005
Adger, Katherine
December 2007
Primary view of An Analysis of Terrorist Recruitment by Observing DHKP/C (Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front) Terrorist Organization in Turkey
Teymur, Samih
August 2004
Primary view of The Appropriate Use of Human Intelligence in Combating Terrorism
Koseli, Mutlu
August 2003
Primary view of An Assessment on the Impact of Family Dynamics on the Runaway Problem Among Teenagers
Ekici, Siddik
August 2005
Primary view of Case studies in terrorism-drug connection: the Kurdistan Workers' Party, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, and the Shining Path
Sahin, Fuat Salih
August 2001
Primary view of Characteristics of Community Service Programs and Probationers in Texas
Roberts, Darrin D.
August 2002
Primary view of Civil Asset Forfeiture in the Fight Against Drugs (Policy Analysis)
Tuncer, Hakki
August 2002
Primary view of Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1994: A Case Study
Ozdogan, Ali
August 2001
Primary view of Community Policing Training Programs and Their Roles in Implementation of Community Policing
Demir, Cuneyt
August 2002
Primary view of The Correctional Orientation of Juvenile Facility Directors
Sifuentes-Hammer, Amy
August 2001
Primary view of Correlates of Recidivism: A Study Examining the Differences Between First Time Felony Probationers and Recidivist Felony Probation Offenders
Lynton, Eddy
May 2007
Primary view of Criminal Investigations: The Impact of Patrol Officers on Solving Crime
Womack, Charissa L.
May 2007
Primary view of Criminal Justice Responses to Emerging Computer Crime Problems
Sen, Osman N.
August 2001
Primary view of A Descriptive Study of the Intelligence Community in the United States of America
Ucak, Hursit
May 2003
Primary view of Evaluation of Program Effectiveness: a Look at the Bedford Police Department’s Strategy Towards Repeat Victimization in Domestic Violence and Mental Health
Huskey, Michael G.
August 2014
Primary view of Ex-Offender Reentry: An Analysis of Current Policies and Programs
Laird, Kaleigh B.
December 2017
Primary view of Exploring job related stress and job satisfaction in a modern law enforcement communications division.
Burgess, Lavona
May 2005
Primary view of FISA and warrantless wire-tapping: Does FISA conform to Fourth Amendment standards?
Meyer, Aric
May 2009
Primary view of Fundamental Demographics of Digital Piracy Offenders
Guerra, Chris
May 2018
Primary view of Getting sober while incarcerated: An exploratory analysis of correctional substance abuse treatment programs
Kimball, Bree A.
December 2007
Primary view of A Historical Analysis of the Failures of Camp David 2000 Summit
Yilmaz, Ismail
August 2005
Primary view of Homeland Security Roles and Responsibilities: an Examination of Texas Police Chiefs’ Perceptions
Thimamontri, Apinya
August 2012
Primary view of The Influence of Population on Wrongful Convictions
Whittington, Kari
December 2016