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Primary view of Africa: Atlas of Our Changing Environment
United Nations Environment Programme
Primary view of The Kalahari Transect: Research on Global Change and Sustainable Development in Southern Africa
Scholes, R.J. & Parsons, D.A.B.
Primary view of Kew-Eliasch Review Consultation: Report to the Office of Climate Change
Moat, Justin; Crouch, Charlotte; Milliken, William; Smith, Paul; Hamilton, Martin; Baena, Susana et al.
unknown creation date
Primary view of The Miombo Network: Framework for a Terrestrial Transect Study of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in the Miombo Ecosystems of Central Africa
Desanker, Paul V.; Frost, Peter G. H.; Justice, Christopher O. & Scholes, Robert J.
Primary view of Our Planet , May 2010: Biodiversity, Our Life
Lean, Geoffrey
May 2010
Primary view of Reproductive Decision Making Among Zambian Couples: Agreement and Conflict
Wilson, Judy Fralick
May 1998
Primary view of Sexual Behavior Among Secondary School Going Adolescent Women in Zambia
Palka, Karen
August 1992
Primary view of Women and the Environment
United Nations Environment Programme