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Primary view of Africa Adaptation Programme: An insight into AAP and Country project Profiles
The Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP)
January 2010
Primary view of Africa: Atlas of Our Changing Environment
United Nations Environment Programme
Primary view of Agricultural Development in Nigeria
Fagbamiye, Theophilus Ademola
December 1970
Primary view of Analysis of Job Prospects and the Relevance of Printing Education to the Printing Industry: A Case of Nigeria
Unuigbey, Oloruntoba P. (Oloruntoba Phillip)
August 1992
Primary view of The British Occupation of Southern Nigeria, 1851-1906
Igbineweka, Andrew O.
December 1979
Primary view of Comparative Development with Large Endowments of Capital (Oil Revenue) Three Case Studies Nigeria, Iran, Libya
Inyang, Eno F.
December 1983
Primary view of A Comparison of Achievement in Technical Drawing of Students Enrolled in the Nigeria Certificate of Education (Technical) at the Kaduna Polytechnic, Kuduna, Nigeria
Maiyaki, Joseph Y. (Joseph Yakubu)
August 1986
Primary view of Content Analysis Study of ABC News Presentations on Nigeria as an Example of Third World News Coverage
Ayeni, Anthony
August 1986
Primary view of A Critical Analysis of the Equity and Efficiency of the Nigerian Personal Income Tax System
Inyang, Efanga
December 1978
Primary view of The Development and Contributions of the Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, to Adult Education in Nigeria: 1945- 1980
Adeniji, Olufemi O. (Olufemi Ogunruku)
May 1987
Primary view of Development of Educational Institution and Social Change in Nigeria, 1953-1973
Ekpenyong, Jackson J.
August 1976
Primary view of The Development of Radio Broadcasting in Nigeria, West Africa
Adejunmobi, Jonathan Adegoke
December 1974
Primary view of Economic Developments and Policies in Post-Civil War Nigeria
Umo, Akpan Akpan
December 1978
Primary view of Environmental Scanning Practices of Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria
Sawyerr, Olukemi Olaitan
May 1992
Primary view of Factors Influencing Faculty Turnover at Ten Selected Colleges of Technology/Polytechnics in Nigeria
Mallam, Ugbo
December 1992
Primary view of Federalism and Political Problems in Nigeria
Abegunrin, Olayiwola
August 1975
Primary view of GEO Year Book 2007: An Overview of Our Changing Environment
United Nations Environment Programme
Primary view of The Growth and Development of Technical Education in Nigeria
Okelola, Festus Olu'Funsho
August 1972
Primary view of An Historical Review of Higher Education in Nigeria from 1960-1985 with Emphasis on Curriculum Development
Odueze, Simon Amanze
August 1990
Primary view of A Historical Review of the Development of Federal Universities of Technology in Nigeria
Asagba, Joseph Obukowho
August 1993
Primary view of A Historical Review of the Development of Secondary Education in Eastern Nigeria
Edoghotu, Felix Uno
August 1987
Primary view of The Impact of Student-Faculty Informal Interpersonal Relationships on Intellectual and Personal Development in the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Aluko, Stella Ola
May 1994
Primary view of Indigenous Private Enterprise in Nigeria
Shitah, Chapi Martin
May 1984
Primary view of Information Use Environment of Religious Professionals: a Case Study of the Everyday Life Information Seeking Behavior of Catholic Clergy in Northern Nigeria
Dankasa, Jacob
August 2015