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Primary view of A Comparison of the Roles and Needs of Middle and Lower Class Thai Parents in Helping Their Children's Reading Development
Nitaya Praphruitkit
May 1987
Primary view of Developing and Administering a Nonmetropolitan Teachers Education Program in Northeastern Thailand
Naowarath Yamsaengsung
December 1989
Primary view of Freedom of the Press in Thailand
Sangchan, Dangtoi
December 1976
Primary view of Ma`rid as-Sanatain al-`Arabi al-auwal
Wizarat al I`lam, al-Lagna al-Wataniya Li-Ma`rid as-Sanatain al-`Arabi al-Auwal
Primary view of al-Muʾtamar al-awwal lil-Ittiḥād al-ʻĀmm lil-Fannānīn al-Tashkīlīyīn al-ʻArab
unknown creator
Primary view of Perceptions of Managers in Kuwait on the Role of the Multinational Corporations in Change in Kuwait
Al-Daeaj, Hamad S. (Hamad Saleh)
May 1990
Primary view of Perceptions of the Sudanese Professional Working in Saudi Arabia on Migration and Economic Development of the Sudan
Hamid, Adil A. (Adil Abdelaziz)
March 1990
Primary view of Personal Value Systems of American and Jordanian Managers: A Cross-Cultural Study
Hayajneh, Abdalla F. (Abdalla Farhan)
May 1990
Primary view of A Study of the Perceptions of the Role of Presidents in Teachers Colleges in Northeastern Thailand
Nipawan Teepanont
May 1986