Zangskari Language Resource

This collection currently includes a wide range of materials documenting the Zangskari language and culture. These materials include audio-visual recordings of natural conversations, the Epic of King Gesar, traditional stories, songs, personal narratives, and discussions on cultural and linguistic topics, as well as data from elicitations.

Added: October 2023.

Mildred Schaeffer Zichner Collection

Fort Worth natives Mildred Schaeffer Zichner and her husband, Walter Zichner, traveled across the globe. They were often joined by family and friends, and their adventures are featured in these photographs.

Added: November 2016.

Zophei Language Resource

This collection includes Samson Lotven’s Ph.D thesis The Sound Systems of Zophei Dialects and Other Maraic Languages, as well as an excel spreadsheet version of the word list found therein, and accompanying audio recordings of that word list.

Added: February 2022.
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