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Craig McDaniel Papers

The collection contains materials surrounding Craig McDaniel’s campaigns and terms in office as a Dallas City Councilman for District 14 between 1993 and 1997.

Added: September 2023.

Manipur Language Resource

Material on the Manipuri language (ISO 639-3 mni), also known as Meithei, Meitei, Meitheiron, Meiteilon, or Meetei. Manipuri is used as a lingua franca in the state of Manipuri, India, and spoken by over 1.2 million people in Manipur and an estimated 3 million including second language speakers.

Added: July 2020.

Mankiyali Language Resource

Recordings of language materials in Mankiyali (ISO 639-3 nlm), a highly endangered language belonging to the Indo-Aryan language family (Total number of speakers: approximately 500). Mankiyali is primarily spoken in two remote villages, viz. Danna and Dameka in the Oghi Tehsil of Mansehra District in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

Added: August 2020.

Jim Marrs Collection

Materials resulting from journalist and author Jim Marrs' career and research. Marrs specialized in reporting on conspiracy theories and government cover-ups. The majority of the collection concerns the Kennedy assassination, but information about evidence of UFOs and other conspiracy theories is also present.

Added: September 2020.

Lory Masters Collection (The Dallas Way)

Materials focused on the life of Lory Masters, founder of the Flying W lesbian biker club, real estate agent, and major player in the Dallas LGBTQ community.

Added: June 2020.

Fred McCain Papers

Newspapers, documents, and memorabilia pertaining to North Texas State University (now University of North Texas) and star football player turned coach, Fred McCain.

Added: April 2018.

Michael Faircloth Collection

Collected materials from Michael Faircloth’s work, specifically with Laura Bush, including sketches, photo, video, and print media.

Added: September 2023.

Milang Language Resource

This collection includes audio-video documentation on three aspects of Milang: 1. Tree fern food processing, 2. Sago processing, and 3. Traditional yeast making.

Added: May 2024.

Miniature Book Collection

These miniature books, 4 inches (10 cm) tall or smaller, include both contemporary and historical works. In some cases, only the covers have been digitized.

Added: December 2009.

Miniature Book News

The Miniature Book News reports on auctions, collections, and aspects of collecting, as well as the history of printers, publishers, collections, and institutions. The Miniature Book News has been published since 1965 with two suspensions, and since 2001 has been published within the Miniature Book Society Newsletter.

Added: December 2009.

Miniature Book Society Collection

Documents related to the annual Miniature Book Society Competition.

Added: July 2019.

Miniature Book Society Newsletter

The Miniature Book Society has published its newsletter under various titles since 1983. The publication serves to highlight the doings of the society, its members, and news and events in the world of miniature books. Since 2001, the Miniature Book News has been published within the Miniature Book Society Newsletter.

Added: December 2009.

Mising Language Resource

This compilation comprises a diverse array of video recordings, encompassing various genres such as everyday activities, tool making, traditional instruments, children's stories, historical narratives, personal anecdotes, natural conversations, folk songs, culinary recipes, discussions on culturally significant events or items, and conversations on language. Normoda Doley initiated this collection in late 2022 during her Ph.D. studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. Fluent in Mising as her mother tongue, she is also proficient in Assamese, Hindi, and English. The research project received financial support through a Junior Research Fellowship from the University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Added: May 2024.

Linda Jebavy Mitchell Collection (The Dallas Way)

Newspaper clippings, correspondence, brochures, T-shirts, buttons, and other materials related to HIV/AIDS, Dallas LGBT history, LGBT events, and political campaigns, 1985-1996.

Added: July 2017.

Mizo Language Resource

Community collection of audio recordings of modern spoken Mizo covering three generations of male and female speakers, including children, recorded between 1970 and 1990 by Thangi Chhangte. Many of the speakers featured in this collection, such as Chhangte’s grandparents, were born in the early 1900s.

Added: August 2020.

Mnemothèque Internationale des Arts Electroacoustiques (Misame)

Sound recordings of electroacoustic music from the archive of the International de musique électroacoustique de Bourges (IMEB). The works were created in the IMEB studios or submitted by participants of the Festival Synthèse or the Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition. Access is restricted to the UNT community.

Added: August 2019.

Bruce Monroe Collection (The Dallas Way)

T-shirts that reflect Bruce Monroe's LGBT and AIDS activism with various groups throughout the years. T-shirts include the 2005 Lone Star Ride, Gay Urban Truth Squad, Act Up, and Positive Peddlers.

Added: May 2021.

Multicultural Center Records

Photographs and documents related to the UNT Multicultural Center, founded in 1994. The materials represented online are only a portion of the full collection.

Added: December 2019.

Music Library 75th Anniversary Symposium Collection

This stimulating array of papers and presentations was delivered at a symposium hosted by the UNT Libraries, April 22-23, 2016. The symposium celebrated the 75th anniversary of the University of North Texas Music Library, as well as the establishment of the UNT Music Library 75th Anniversary Endowment in Honor of Morris Martin.

Added: May 2016.

Music Library Conover Collection

This small selection of program lists, recording schedules, and promos comes from the collection of Willis Conover (1920-1996), a jazz producer and broadcaster on the Voice of America for over forty years. A much larger collection of Conover materials--including some 22,000 recordings--is available in tangible form at the UNT Music Library.

Added: December 2009.

Randy Mallory Papers

The collection consists of selections from the Randy Mallory Papers, containing photographs, notes, research, and completed work with the Texas Highways magazine.

Added: March 2022.
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