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Lai Language Resource

This collection includes a series of interviews conducted by Indiana University Hakha Lai students with family and friends in the broader Indianapolis Hakha Lai community as part of the Linguistically Underserved Communities and Health (LUCAH), a project funded by a collaborative grant to UNT and Indiana University by the National Science Foundation project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (NSF #2031052 and 2031060).

Added: February 2022.

Lamkang Language Resource

Annotated texts with accompanying sound files and aligned transcriptions for study of the Lamkang language spoken in India and Myanmar.

Added: April 2018.

Language Endangerment and Political Instability

This NSF-funded series of events on language endangerment and political instability uses overlapping methodology, data, and case studies from linguistics and political science to investigate how government policies, war and other forms of conflict, forced migration, and displacement due to territorial disputes create intersecting causes and consequences of political instability and language endangerment.

Added: June 2020.

Languages of the Barak Valley

This is a collection of 5 languages spoken in the Barak Valley of northeast India: Thadou, Saihriem, Hrangkhol, Ranglong, and Sakachep.

Added: April 2021.

Victor Lauderdale Collection

Early 20th century postcards and memorabilia collected by Victor Edward Lauderdale, who served as a corporal in World War I.

Added: February 2020.

Lesbian Gay Political Coalition Papers (The Dallas Way)

Documents and artifacts collected by Al Daniels during his tenure as treasurer of the organization, 1993-1998.

Added: July 2017.

LGBT Collections

Publications pertaining to issues relevant to the LGBT community. The collection includes The Dallas Voice, a weekly newspaper for the gay community in North Texas that has been published since 1984.

Added: May 2014.

Liangmai Language Resource

This is a collection of folk songs collected from 2012-2022. The present archival activities of Liangmai folk songs and folk tales in CoRSAL are supported by the Endangered Language Fund. Liangmai folk songs can be divided into four categories: legendary folk songs, agrarian folk songs, festive folk songs and lullabies.

Added: June 2022.

Library Publishing Forum 2016

The Library Publishing Forum brings together representatives from libraries engaged in (or considering) publishing initiatives to define and address major questions and challenges; to identify and document collaborative opportunities; to strengthen and promote this community of practice; and to advance this vibrant subfield of academic publishing. This collection contains videos of presentations made at the forum May 19-20, 2016.

Added: November 2016.

Linguistic Corpora

Sets of representative written or oral texts annotated for use in corpus linguistics.

Added: April 2020.

Liquid Paper Corporation Records

The records of the Liquid Paper Corporation and documents from its founder, Bette Graham.

Added: September 2023.

Victoria Poyser Lisi Collection

Fantasy artwork by illustrator Victoria Poyser Lisi.

Added: January 2020.

Local / Independent Music Initiative of Texas

Concert posters, photographs, artwork, sound recordings, and other memorabilia reflecting music originating from Texas.

Added: January 2020.

Lone Star Ride Collection

The Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS was an event that took place in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas in September to raise funds for AIDS awareness, services, and research from 2001 through 2013. The collection includes documents, photographs, and videos related to the documentation and promotion of the Lone Star Ride.

Added: April 2020.

Jean-Baptiste Lully Collection

The Jean-Baptiste Lully Collection includes almost 30 rare 17th and 18th-century scores of operas and ballets by the 17th-century French composer Jean-Baptiste Lully and his sons.

Added: December 2009.
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