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JAC is a peer-reviewed journal that serves as forum for scholars interested in theoretical approaches to the interdisciplinary study of rhetoric, writing, multiple literacies, and politics. JAC publishes four book-length issues a year, featuring articles, interviews, essays, review essays, and reviews. This collection includes the complete archives except for the three most recent issues which are released as the next is published.

Added: September 2010.

James A. Matisoff Collection

This is a collection of material collected by Dr. James A. Matisoff throughout his career, including material from Field Methods courses at The University of California at Berkeley and fieldwork with the Lahu people of northern Thailand (ISO 639-3 lhu).

Added: January 2022.

Jazz Lecture Series

Recordings of the Jazz Lecture Series presentations from the UNT College of Music include lectures and performances interspersed with questions from the audience.

Added: June 2014.

Early Jazz Studies at UNT

This collection of photographs features performances, band members, and band directors of the UNT Laboratory Dance Band, the premier ensemble of the Jazz Studies division at the college.

Added: June 2014.

John Stryker Photography Collection

The John Stryker Photography Collection contains color and black and white photographs that were taken at rodeos in Fort Worth.

Added: September 2023.

John Thomas Papers (The Dallas Way)

The John Thomas Collection contains the papers of John Thomas prior to, during, and after his time as the first Executive Director of the AIDS Resource Center.

Added: September 2023.

Merritt Johnson Collection

A selection of musical scores and audio recordings of works by composer Merritt Johnson,

Added: January 2020.

Terry Jordan Collection

Materials related to the Texas Log Cabin Register project founded by Terry Jordan.

Added: May 2021.

Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling

Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling is the official publication of the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association (NRCA). The JARC is published quarterly, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. JARC is a journal of opinion and research in professional rehabilitation counseling and addresses the needs of individuals employed in a wide variety of work settings and with wide-ranging professional interests.

Added: June 2014.

Journal of Near-Death Studies

The Journal of Near-Death Studies is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal devoted to the field of near-death studies. It is published on a quarterly basis by the International Association for Near-Death Studies. The Journal began publication in 1982 under the name Anabiosis which was changed to its current title in 1986 with the start of Volume 6.

Added: December 2014.

Journal of Schenkerian Studies

The Journal of Schenkerian Studies is a peer-reviewed journal published annually by the Center for Schenkerian Studies and distributed by the University of North Texas Press under the guidance of Timothy Jackson, Stephen Slottow, and an expert editorial board. The journal features articles on all facets of Schenkerian thought, including theory, analysis, pedagogy, and historical aspects and reviews of relevant publications.

Added: June 2014.

Enid Justin - Nocona Boot Company Collection

Photographs and memoranda drawn from a larger tangible collection of papers held in UNT Libraries' Special Collections. Enid Justin was the founder of the Nocona Boot Company, which operated from 1925 to1999 in Nocona, Texas.

Added: October 2021.
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