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Federal Communications Commission Record

The FCC Record is a comprehensive compilation of decisions, reports, public notices, and other documents of the Federal Communications Commission from 1986 to the present.

Added: December 2009.

Federal Communications Commission Reports

Issued biweekly by the Federal Communications Commission, these reports include regularly released decisions, notices, and documents on various communications issues. The Federal Communications Commission Reports ceased publication in the mid-1980s and were replaced by the FCC Record.

Added: May 2014.

Federal Register

Published daily, the Federal Register contains the official text of federal agency regulations, proposed rules, and public notices, as well as executive orders, proclamations, and other presidential documents.

Added: December 2011.

The Federal Reporter

The Federal Reporter is a legal reference source for case law primarily covering published decisions of federal appellate courts. This collection spans most of the first series, 1880-1922.

Added: July 2011.

FICTA: Difusora de Musica Antigua

Started in the late 1970s, FICTA is an Argentinian journal devoted to the performance practice of early music. The only publicly accessible, complete archive of the journal, this collection was made possible through collaboration with Dr. Bernardo Illari, who directed its development. FICTA's founder and editor, Jorge González, kindly provided six volumes for digitization.

Added: September 2018.

Food Rules

The Food Rules collection contains student work for a course assignment in HMGT 1450, Principles of Nutrition. For this assignment, students studied the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 Executive Report as well as Food Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan. Each student then formulated a new food rule based upon the readings and wrote a brief summary citing evidence from the Dietary Guidelines, critiquing the rule from the perspective of Pollan's book, and then self-grading the rule.

Added: October 2015.

Charles C. Francis Papers

Documentation on the politics of gay rights during George W. Bush's presidential election and the first four years of the Bush administration. Includes correspondence, articles, clippings, photographs, and video.

Added: July 2020.

Steven Fromholz Papers

Material related to the life and work of Steven Fromholz, original Outlaw country music member, Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame inducted singer-songwriter, lauded outdoor guide, published author, and 2007 Texas Poet Laureate.

Added: July 2021.

Rudi Fuchs Holiday Card Collection

Woven greeting cards created by tapestry artist Rudi Fuchs between the years of 1961 and 1985.

Added: April 2018.

James Flowers Collection of Ephemera Found in Returned Library Books

Collection of ephemera found in returned University of North Texas Library books by UNT Libraries' employee James Flowers.

Added: September 2023.
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