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Donald F. Baker Collection (The Dallas Way)

The papers, photographs, publications, and artifacts of Donald F. Baker, a gay rights activist in Dallas, Texas. Most materials date from 1975-2000.

Added: July 2017.

The Ray and Joyce Bankston Dalco Photography Collection

Photos of show, quarter and cutting horses from the 1960s through 2004. Ray Bankston and his company, Dalco, documented these events and told the stories of many people involved, including celebrities and wealthy Texans.

Added: May 2014.

United States Army Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti Papers

Photographs and documents drawn from a larger tangible collection of the personal and military papers of U.S. Army Major General Olinto Mark Barsanti.

Added: January 2020.

President Gretchen Bataille Records

Photographs and videos that document Dr. Gretchen Bataille's service as President of the University of North Texas from 2006 to 2010.

Added: October 2021.

Bell Helicopter Records

A selection of photographs documenting Bell aircraft, components, manufacturing, and personnel.

Added: February 2017.

Bergé Family Collection

Compositions, including hymns, composed, published, and collected by the Bergé family company.

Added: October 2023.

Claudia Webb Betti Papers

Papers, photographs, and slides of art by Claudia Webb Betti Benson, an artist and art professor at North Texas State University. Paintings date from 1956 to 1986.

Added: March 2018.

Bhojpuri Language Resource

This collection currently includes audio and video recordings of texts; transcriptions, translations, interlinear glossing, and analyses of selected texts and photographs documenting fieldwork and other events. The texts collected by Maaz Shaikh starting from early 2020 are an outcome of his fieldwork on the Azamgarhi language of Azamgarh while working on his Master of Philosophy dissertation at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Added: April 2021.

Binder’s Volumes Research Initiative

This collection includes bound compilations of sheet music from a variety of composers digitized for the Binder’s Volumes Research Initiative a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities - Humanities Collections and Reference Resources (PW-290538-23).

Added: January 2024.

Black Academy of Arts and Letters Records

Event photographs from the Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Incorporated (TBAAL), a Dallas-based nonprofit. Some items in this collection are restricted to use by the UNT community.

Added: September 2014.

Black Tie Dinner Collection (The Dallas Way)

Invitations, memorabilia, and publications related to the annual Black Tie Dinner which increases awareness for GLBT issues, entertains participants, and raises funds in support of gay and lesbian organizations.

Added: February 2020.

Boro Language Resource

The Boro (Bodo) language (ISO 639-3 brx) is a member of the Sino-Tibetan language family. Boro is the official native language of the Bodoland (26.24 N, 90.16 E) and Assam (26.14 N, 91.77 E) regions of Northeastern India.

Added: September 2020.

Robert C. Bradbury Miniature Book Research Papers

Selection of items drawn from files compiled by miniature book bibliographer and dealer Robert C. Bradbury for his book Twentieth Century United States Miniature Books.

Added: January 2018.

Leon Breeden Collection

Scrapbooks, video, and memorabilia from the collection of Leon Breeden, jazz educator and legendary director of the UNT jazz program.

Added: June 2014.

John Briggs Scrapbook Collection (The Dallas Way)

Scrapbook photo albums documenting "The Experience" project as well as Briggs' travel and time spent with family and friends.

Added: November 2020.

Joseph Britton Freshwater Mussel Collection

Detailed images of freshwater mussel specimens found in and around Texas, along with information concerning their collection, identification, and physical attributes. Includes representative specimens for about 40 of the approximately 50 mussel species found in Texas.

Added: July 2011.

Broadening Access to Books on Texas and Oklahoma

Out-of-print books related to Texas and Oklahoma history, made available as ebooks thanks to a Humanities Open Book Program grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence.

Added: April 2017.

Broadsides & Printed Ephemera Collection

Miscellaneous documents and memorabilia from Texas and beyond.

Added: January 2020.

Steve Brooks Collection

Artwork and promotional materials produced for musician Willie Nelson by graphic designer and artist Steve Brooks.

Added: October 2020.

Brownsville Affray

Documents related to the August 13-14, 1906, violence allegedly committed by soldiers stationed at Fort Brown.

Added: July 2019.

Burushaski Language Resource

Recordings of oral literature from different, significantly threatened, regional varieties of Burushaski spoken in Hunza, Nagar, and Yasin valleys in Pakistan and Srinagar in India. Included are audio and video recordings; fieldwork notes; photographs; and transcriptions, translations, and analyses of selected texts.

Added: September 2016.

Dale Branum Collection

This collection includes video footage from the collection of Dale Branum, who was active in the Denton Organic Society.

Added: September 2023.

J. J. Barlow Papers

This collection contains various materials such as, correspondence, newspapers, essays, audio recordings, notes and programs concerning the Black Panther Party, the civil rights movement in the United States, and African American history.

Added: April 2023.
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