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"Deliver us from evil" : buy war bonds.
Black & white photo of the head and shoulders of a sad-looking young girl surrounded by smoke or clouds. The photo is centered on a white swastika. Text on poster is in white and blue.
A half-filled stamp album is like a half-equipped soldier.
Long banner with text in the middle and images on the left and right sides. On the left side is a soldier holding a "missing" gun. On the right side is an image of a stamp album.
Make your own declaration of war : buy war bonds.
Poster in black & white and red tones. A soldier stands next to a facsimile of a declaration of war against Japan. He holds his rifle with bayonet with one hand and points at the viewer with the other. The declaration of war is signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Sam Rayburn, and H.A. Wallace.
"This is my fight too!" : put at least 10% every payday in war bonds.
The poster image is a black & white photograph. A a woman smiles, holding and looking at folded $25 war bonds and an envelope. Her dark hair is coiffed and she wears a work uniform with a "10%" slogan button on her pocket. In the background is a "paymaster" window and a "10%" slogan sign on the wall.