World War Two Collection - Titles Matching

Admiral Nimitz Museum 3
Agriculture information series 1
American War Posters 339
Antiaircraft artillery field manual 1
Basic field manual 3
Beat the promise 12
British War Posters 10
Caltex Oral History Project 1
Cavalry 1
Defense Savings Staff [poster] (United States. Defense Savings Staff) 6
Department of State publication 2
Field artillery 1
Four freedoms 10
Industrial Area Studies 1
Making America strong 5
N.E. poster (United States. Public Health Service. Division of Nurse Education) 2
National Museum of the Pacific War 15
Newsmap 214
[Newsmap] 9
North Texas Military Biography and Memoir Series 1
Official Navy poster, Industrial Incentive Division 1
OWI poster 46
Produce for victory 15
Quartermaster field manual 1
[Recruiting Publicity Bureau poster] (United States. Army) 9
Savings Bond Division [poster] (United States. Department of the Treasury) 1
Staff Officers' field manual. 1
This man is your friend, he fights for freedom. 7
Transportation Corps 3
U.S. Army official poster. 11
U.S.A. in action 3
United States. War Dept. Field manual 1
United States. War Dept. War Department field manual 2
War Department field manual 43
War Department technical manual 11
War Finance Division [poster] (United States. War Finance Division) 19
War Production Board [poster] (United States. War Production Board) 7
War Savings Staff [poster] (United States. War Savings Staff) 29
Yucca 2