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Make his nightmare come true!
Charcoal caricature drawing of a sleeping Hideki Tojo, apparently having a nightmare. In his thoughts, an airplane, a missle, and a tank are coming toward him, and a miner stares down at him, saying, "Now we're gonna mine and smelt still more metal for tanks an' ships an' guns".
Make your own declaration of war : buy war bonds.
Poster in black & white and red tones. A soldier stands next to a facsimile of a declaration of war against Japan. He holds his rifle with bayonet with one hand and points at the viewer with the other. The declaration of war is signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Sam Rayburn, and H.A. Wallace.
Making America strong : competitive companies co-operate to produce important instruments for military aircraft.
Black & white poster features comic-book style drawings of an industrial worker, managers, and buildings, and a large outline map of the U.S. containing additional text.
Making America strong : how American shipyards are winning the race against time to build our Navy.
Black & white chart describes how shipbuilding has become quicker during wartime. It features comic-book style drawings of a shipyard, a large ship at sea, and Uncle Sam changing from his decorated top hat to a worker's cap.
Making America strong : how subcontracting accelerates defense production--.
Black & white poster features comic-book style drawings. In the center of a large outline map of United States is a large tank, with numerous lines pointing outward to small drawings of industrial buildings throughout the U.S. In the upper left corner is a more detailed drawing of a factory with smokestacks.
Making America strong : industry's ever improving mass production methods step up output of latest type war planes.
Black & white poster features comic-book style drawings of machinery used to produce airplanes. In the upper right corner is an image of Uncle Sam pointing out to some people a flying military airplane which is seen through a large "hole" drawn in the poster.
A message about food from the President of the United States.
A message from President Harry Truman, urging Americans to grow, preserve, and conserve food. This is an all lettered poster, white printing on blue background, with a U.S. seal appearing at the top center.
Metal at the fighting front.
Five pictures of war activities involving metal. Each picture has extended text below the picture.
Metal for victory! : keep it coming.
A series of five black & white photographs and captions depicting of war activities involving metal. Poster has red border.
Metal makes might! : keep it coming!
Navy and white poster has blue background with text at the top. There are six blue and white pictures in two rows of three depicting metal in use. Each picture has a caption at the bottom and a white border.
Military courtesy.
Uniforms and insignia for the armed forces of the United States, U.S.S.R., France, Poland, China, and the British Empire are illustrated. Additional text describes the salutes and forms of address used by each country's military.
Millions of troops are on the move-- : is your trip necessary?
A large crowd of soldiers exit a train and crowd the train platform.
Minimum standards for employment of women in industry.
Checkerboard chart of alternating white and shaded boxes. Each box contains text indicating various standards which should be met in workplaces for women, some with line drawings. In the middle of the poster is the seal of the U.S. Dept. of Labor, Women's Bureau. Centered on the lower half of the chart is an orange box containing text describing the mission of the Women's Bureau.
More copper-zinc-lead-- quick!
A soldier holding a rifle talks to a miner holding a drilling tool. The soldier is gesturing behind him toward the ruins of a town, saying, "Give us metal so it won't happen here".
"My girl's a WOW" : woman ordnance worker.
Color illustration of a helmeted soldier, smiling and holding a black and white picture of a woman. The woman wears a kerchief on her head and a pin on her white shirt (probably an I.D. badge) that has a woman's face and a number (14002) on it.
A national emergency is upon us : arise America before it is too late! Defend your country and your loved ones ....
Navy recruitment poster. Text is in red and blue against an off-white background. An image of the U.S. flag is centered at the top.
I need you on the job full time-- don't get hurt.
Color poster shows a close-up view of a soldier in a combat helmet, pointing a military gun or rifle toward the viewer. An explosion can be seen in the background.
I need your skill in a war job!
Top half of poster features a black & white drawing of Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer; the bottom half is a gray text box listing numerous trades and urging the reader to seek work in them to support the war effort.
Next! : 6th War Loan.
Large head of a helmeted soldier grimaces at an aerial image of the island nation of Japan. At left is an inset graphic of a blue bomb falling on the Japanese flag.
Night raider : use your net.
A small black & white poster which features a cartoon-like illustration of a mosquito flying in front of the moon at night.
"No nation of slaves can match a nation of free men. We're doing more because we want to than they can because they have to!" : produce for victory!
50 men dressed in work clothes stand assembled in vague lines and gaze toward the left as if at a rally. All of the men appear to have light-colored skin and clean-shaven faces. Most are wearing caps or hats.
"Not behind the plow"-- your metals are in the Army -- everywhere.
Five photos of various war-related activities to show where metal goes to use in the armed services.
Now is the time! : apply at the nearest U.S. Army recruiting and induction station.
A large black & white photograph of a man's head is shown against a pink-toned background. The background is a collage of photographs showing various military occupations. A white inset at left lists various branches of service.
"Of course I can! : I'm patriotic as can be-- and ration points won't worry me!"
A dark-haired woman with a wide-eyed expression holds three large glass jars of vegetables in her arms. Three more jars can be seen at the lower area of the picture. The woman wears a ruffled apron.
An open letter to the unconquerable Czechoslovaks.
A poem praising the Czechoslovakians for defying the Nazis in World War II. Framing the poem is a painting showing the white, red, and blue flag of Czechoslovakia, with a man's face depicted in the left side of the flag in a blue triangle. An image of the double-tailed lion from the Czech heraldic emblem is superimposed over the flag on the right side. A war zone appears along the lower edge below the poem.
An open letter to the unconquerable Dutch.
A poem praising the Dutch for defying the Nazis in World War II. The poem is framed by a painting of a tattered Dutch flag, in front of which are two hands bound with broken chains. Behind the flag is a Dutch landscape, including windmills and the ocean, depicted as a war zone.
An open letter to the unconquerable Greeks.
A poem by Joseph Auslander praises the Greeks for defying the enemies in World War II. The text of the poem is framed by an illustration depicting a group of Greek people, some in tattered clothing, some injured or dying, among ancient ruins. Behind them, on the right, is the Parthenon.
An open letter to the unconquerable Norwegians.
A poem praising the Norwegians for defying the Nazis in World War II. The text of the poem is framed by a painting depicting a blond-haired man, woman and child. The man wears overalls and the woman and child wear kerchiefs on their heads. The man is holding a pitchfork. In the background are a haystack and a traditional Norwegian loft house.
An open letter to the unconquerable Poles.
A poem praising the Poles for defying the Nazis in World War II. The text of the poem is framed by a painting depicting a man and woman surrounded by rubble and looking toward the sky. A tattered Polish flag lies among the ruins. In the distance, a burst of sunlight breaks through dark clouds.
Our carelessness, their secret weapon : prevent forest fires.
Large, caricatured heads of Adolf Hitler and Hideki Tojo stare out as a forest fire blazes in the background.
Our wounded need help! : ten ways you can release nurses for military service.
All lettered poster with red and black text, describing how to conserve health resources and help recruit nurses for military and civilian services.
Ours-- to fight for : freedom from fear.
Color poster of a mother and father tucking two children into bed. The father is holding glasses and a newspaper that reads "BOMBINGS KI- HORROR HIT."
Ours-- to fight for : freedom from want.
Color poster features a painting of people at a dinner table. An older man and woman stand at the head of the table. The woman is putting a turkey on the table. There are nine other people at the table, all smiling.
Ours-- to fight for : freedom from want.
Color poster features a painting of people at a dinner table. An older man and woman stand at the head of the table. The woman is putting a turkey on the table. There are nine other people at the table, all smiling.
Ours -- to fight for : freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, freedom from fear.
A large color poster of four Norman Rockwell paintings that depict four American freedoms. In clockwise order, top to bottom, the images are: a man standing up to speak at a town meeting; people of different faiths praying together; a large Thanksgiving feast; and a couple tucking two small children into bed.
An overcharge is the same as a pay cut : report overcharges to the OPA.
A coin with a pie-portion of its value removed, lies in an open hand.
Palau's fall would weaken Japs.
Black & white map of the southern Pacific Ocean, showing the north of Australia, parts of China, Korea, and French-Indo-China, New Guinea, the Philippines, Japan, and several small islands. An inset text box in the lower left corner titled "Pacific Progress" describes the completed and future goals of the U.S. armed forces toward defeating Japan. In the upper right corner is an inset map of Palau.
"--Pass the ammunition" : o.k. soldier--that's our job!
A smiling soldier in a combat uniform and helmet carries a wooden box. The box is stamped, '50 FU ZES P.D., M46'. In the background are artillery guns firing into a dark sky and another soldier carrying a similar box toward the battlefield.
"--Pass the ammunition" : the Army needs more lumber.
A smiling soldier in a combat uniform and helmet carries a wooden box. The box is stamped, '50 FU ZES P.D., M46'. In the background are artillery guns firing into a dark sky and another soldier carrying a similar box toward the battlefield.
Plant a victory garden : our food is fighting : a garden will make your rations go further.
Illustration of three people in a vegetable garden. The man and woman are working with garden tools. In the foreground is a young boy looking into a basket of vegetables. He wears a military hat.
Protect his future : buy and keep war bonds.
Color poster shows a young, smiling boy being lifted in the air holding on to a man's hands. The boy has blond hair and is wearing red overalls and a white t-shirt.
Protect them : don't pay over ceiling prices.
Black & white photograph of a hand clutching a savings account deposit envelope and a $25 savings bond. The photograph is superimposed on a green circle.
Put the squeeze on the Japanese : beat your promise.
A caucasian man representing American workers squeezes a large clamp around a caricature of Hideki Tojo. The worker wears a sleeveless undershirt labeled "Increased Production". His watch says "RCA". A caption behind his hat says "You and I". Tojo appears to be shouting, as illustrated by several (presumably) Japanese characters. He is reaching toward a bloody sword labeled: "Remember Pearl Harbor!" In the background are battleships, firing tanks, flying airplanes, and lightning bolts.
Pvt. Joe Louis says-- "We're going to do our part, and we'll win because we're on God's side."
Poster features a black & white photo of boxer Joe Louis in a combat uniform and helmet, pointing a rifle with bayonet. The background of the poster is blue.
Rationing means a fair share for all of us.
Cartoon scenes at a butcher shop with and without rationing. In the "without rationing" scene, an older woman leaves the butcher shop with many packages, while a second woman buys only one meat chop. In the "with rationing" scene, each woman leaves the shop with ration book in hand, smiling and carrying the same amount of meat.
Reach your boy overseas by V mail, the letters that travel on film ... : your stationer and post office have V...-mail letter forms.
Color poster shows a picture of a helmeted soldier's face at right. The letters in "V mail" are formed by an image of film that is coming off of a reel. The background of the main part of the poster is yellow.
Ready for anything --thanks to you!
Color illustration of soldiers wading from a ship or boat through water and storming a beach. Behind them is a tank about to exit a ship. More ships, a small boat, and explosions can be seen on the water in the background.
A real partnership : He says, “Dear Dad--you’re getting the metal out. I’m dishing it out. We’re quite a team!”
Black and white drawing of a man and woman sitting in chairs at home. The man holds a pipe and reads a letter, and the woman is knitting. A cat sits at her feet, gazing at the man. A miner's helmet hangs on the wall behind the man's chair. In the upper left is a drawing of a soldier in the field, writing a letter.
Red Army encircling Balkans.
Black & white newsmap showing the planned paths of the Soviet armed forces through eastern Europe toward Berlin, Germany.
Remember last December! : --"that free peoples may not perish from this earth" : enlist in your Navy today.
Color poster features a portrait of a sailor in an enlisted service dress blue uniform. He stands in front of a waving U.S. flag.