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Newsmap. Monday, December 6, 1943 : week of November 25 to December 2, 221st week of the war, 103rd week of U.S. participation

Description: Text describes action on various war fronts: Italy, USSR, Germany, Central Pacific, Southwest Pacific, China, Plans. Inset maps: central Italy, northeast New Guinea, Action areas in central and southwest Pacific, Truk Is., Nauru, Wotje, Jaluit, Makin, Tarawa. Photographs: Australian Air Force Beaufighter, Sgt. Ben Kuroki of Hershey, Nebraska, Captured Soviet equipment, Rescued blindfolded Nazi. German built road in Isernia. Back: Text and 11 illustrations highlight the 11 general orders that must be known by sentinels.
Date: December 6, 1943
Creator: [United States.] Army Orientation Course.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Newsmap. Monday, July 6, 1942 : week of June 26 to July 2

Description: Front: Text describes action on various war fronts including Midway, Western Europe, Russia, Egypt, Southwest Pacific, Mediterranean, China, and Jugoslavia. Large world map is keyed to text and illustrates time zones around the world. Includes two inset maps: "Rommel drives east for Suez"; Nazi-Russian battles near Kursk. Photographs: Saboteurs' weapons, Port of embarkation, Allied leaders in the Middle East [Major Gen. Russell L. Maxwell, General Sir Claude Auchinleck], Armoured observation car, U.S. Army troops in shadow of the pyramids; British mechanized unit salvages a disabled tank; Blocking Nazi tanks;"Production hits its stride". Back: Poster features photographs of British weapons.
Date: July 6, 1942
Creator: [United States]. Army Orientation Course.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department