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Primary view of 26 job opportunities in the United States Army Air Forces.
United States. Federal Security Agency.
unknown creation date
Primary view of 38 ways to cut costs in the manufacture and sale of consumers' durable goods.
United States. Office of Price Administration.
Primary view of 75-mm howitzer materiel.
United States. Army. Ordnance Department.
June 21, 1941
Primary view of 85 million Americans hold war bonds.
United States. Dept. of the Treasury.
Primary view of 1778, 1943 : Americans will always fight for liberty.
Perlin, Bernard, 1918-
Primary view of 1941: Texas Goes to War
Lee, James Ward; Barnes, Carolyn N.; Bowman, Kent A. & Crow, Laura
Primary view of 1946 resolution: that every American buy and hold U.S. savings bonds.
United States. War Finance Division.
Primary view of 7th War Loan: now--all together.
Beall, C. C. (Cecil Calvert), 1892-1967
Primary view of 84th Inf. Div. Special Service presents the Railsplitters Revue "On the Beam" : all soldier stage show featuring "The Ballet Moose". . ..
United States. Army Service Forces. Special Service Division.
Primary view of Advanced map and aerial photograph reading.
United States. War Department.
December 1944
Primary view of Aerial photography.
United States. War Department.
July 8, 1941
Primary view of Aircraft engines.
United States. War Department.
January 1945
Primary view of Aircraft hardware and materials.
United States. War Department.
June 11, 1942
Primary view of Aircraft induction, fuel and oil systems.
United States. War Department.
February 22, 1944
Primary view of Aircraft insignia.
Coggins, Jack
Primary view of Airship aerodynamics.
United States. War Department.
February 11, 1941
Primary view of All the ear-marks of a sneaky Jap! : don't discuss your job!
unknown creation date
Primary view of Am I proud! : I'm fighting famine-- by canning food at home.
Williams, Dick.
Primary view of America calling : take your place in civilian defense.
Matter, Herbert, 1907-1984.
Primary view of American Junior Red Cross.
Humphrey, Walter Beach, 1892-1966.
Primary view of Americans all, let's fight for victory : Americanos todos, luchamos por la victoria.
Helguera, Leon
Primary view of Americans suffer when careless talk kills!
Anderson, Harry Martin
Primary view of America's answer! : production.
Carlu, Jean.
Primary view of "--and God bless daddy and all the American workers who are doing so much to protect freedom and make this a better world for us to live in." Produce for victory!
Sheldon-Claire Co.