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Primary view of L'Emprunt de la Libération.
Faivre, Abel, 1867-1945.
unknown creation date
Primary view of To Berlin: S O S.
unknown creator
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Primary view of [Red Cross]
Cappiello, Leonetto, 1875-1942.
Primary view of 1778-1783. America owes France the most unalterable gratitude : 1917- -- . French Comrade your children shall be as our children.
Jonas, Lucien, 1880-1947.
Primary view of Students ... set the pace ... unanimous [giving] for universal service : clear over the first day.
United War Work Campaign, Inc.
Primary view of Sure! We'll finish the job : Victory Liberty Loan.
Beneker, Gerrit A. (Gerrit Albertus), 1882-1934.
Primary view of Food will win the war : you came here seeking freedom, you must now help to preserve it : wheat is needed for the Allies, waste nothing.
Chambers, Charles Edward, ca. 1883-1941.
Primary view of An die deutschen frauen!
Auguste Viktoria, Empress, consort of William II, German Emperor, 1858-1921.
August 6, 1914
Primary view of Su gli argini del Piave, dove maestosa si erge la Storica e millenario Venezia, l'orgoglio Unno trova certo tomba per l'eroismo delle legioni alleati : On this side of the Piave, where the beautiful and ancient City of Venice stands, the haughty Huns will surely meet death from the hands of the Heroic and Allied Legions.
Petronzio, G.
Primary view of Help yourself : get up in the world by steady saving.
United States. Dept. of the Treasury. War Loan Organization. Savings Division.
Primary view of Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, and the Distinguished Service Medal Issued by the War Department Since April 6, 1971 Up to and including General Orders, Number 126, War Department, November 11, 1919
United States. Adjutant General's Office.
Primary view of What Libraries Learned from the War.
Milam, Carl Hastings, 1884-1963
January 1922
Primary view of The War with Germany: A Statistical Summary
Ayres, Leonard Porter, 1879-1946
Primary view of Marne, Yser, Somme, Verdun : l'aurore.
Royer, Henri, 1869-1938.
unknown creation date
Primary view of I summon you to the comradeship : answer the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call for Universal Membership.
Leo Mielziner, 1869-1935.
Primary view of Share in the victory : save for your country, save for yourself : buy war savings stamps.
Coffin, Haskell, 1878-1941.
Primary view of La grande offensiva Italiana : la disfatta Austriaca sul Montello.
unknown creator
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Primary view of For home and country : Victory Liberty Loan.
Orr, Alfred Everitt, 1886-
Primary view of Defeat the Kaiser and his U-boats : victory depends on which fails first, food or frightfulness : eat less wheat.
unknown creation date
Primary view of Feed a fighter : eat only what you need-- waste nothing-- that he and his family may have enough.
Morgan, Wallace.
Primary view of For liberty, civilization, and humanity.
Cittadino (New York, N.Y.)
unknown creation date
Primary view of Ring it again : buy U.S. gov't bonds : Third Liberty Loan.
unknown creator
Primary view of 2me Emprunt de la Défense Nationale : en avant, armée de l'épargne, c'est pour la patrie.
Robaudi, Alcide Théophile, 1850-1928.
Primary view of "Hey Fellows!" Your money brings the book we need when we want it : American Library Association, United War Work Campaign, Week of November 11, 1918.
Sheridan, John E.