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Age Strata Differences in Utilization of Health Care Services among Adults in the United States
Article on age strata differences in utilization of health care services among adults in the United States.
Berlin's History in Context: The Foreign Ministry and the Spreebogen Complex in the Context of the Architectural Debates
Book chapter discussing Berlin, Germany's history in context and the Foreign Ministry and Spreebogen Complex in the context of the architectural debates.
Community-oriented policing in a multicultural milieu: The case of loitering and disorderly conduct in East Arlington, Texas
Article on community-oriented policing in a multicultural milieu and the case of loitering and disorderly conduct in East Arlington, Texas.
Dear Facebook
This book chapter is written in the form of a break-up letter from the author to the social networking website, Facebook. It discusses social networking, technological changes, urbanization, globalization, media technology, and philosophical ideas about society.
Empowered Work Teams in Long-Term Care: Strategies for Improving Outcomes for Residents and Staff
Book discussing empowered work teams in long-term care and strategies for improving outcomes for residents and staff.
Experimental Thermochemical Study of 6-Chloro-2,3-dimethylquinoxaline 1,4-dioxide and DFT evaluation of the N-O bond enthalpies in related haloquinoxalines
Article discussing an experimental thermochemical study of 6-chloro-2,3-dimethylquinoxaline 1,4-dioxide and DFT evaluation of the N-O bond enthalpies in related haloquinoxalines.
Experimenting with androgyny: Malina and Ingeborg Bachmann's Jungian search for utopia
Article on the experimental narrative union of masculine and feminine in Ingeborg Bachmann's 1971 novel, "Malina."
High-Performing Self-Managed Work Teams: A Comparison of Theory to Practice
Book discussing high-performing self-managed work teams and a comparison of theory of practice.
Marriage as Feminist Utopia: Riccoboni's 'Lettre de Madame la marquise d'Artigues à sa soeur' (1785)
Article on Marie Jeanne Riccoboni's "Lettre de Madame la marquise d'Artigues à sa soeur" from 1785 and marriage as a feminist utopia.
Older Poor Parents who Lost an Adult Child to AIDS in Togo, West Africa: A Qualitative Study
Article on a qualitative study exploring older poor parents who lost an adult child to AIDS in Togo, West Africa.
Pessimism, Sexual Trauma, and Personal Demographics: Covariates of Depression in College Students
This poster examines depression's relationship to the combination of pessimism, sexual trauma, living arrangements, and interpersonal dependency, as well as personal demographics in college students.
Prototypes: Hand Masters Machine
I investigated several problems I have found concerning contemporary jewelry design. These problems are linked to the industrialization of jewelry making. The industrialization of jewelry making led to the preference of using less precious metal, of using Prong, Crown, and Channel stone-settings, and of using high polished mirror finish for surface treatment. My work addressed the prominence of metal in jewelry design and alternate forms and techniques of stone-setting and surface treatment.
Revisiting the Nineteenth-Century Poe Controversies
This article reviews the book "Poe in His Own time: A Biographical Chronicle of his Life, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, Friends, and Associates," edited by Benjamin F. Fisher, published by the University of Iowa Press, 2010.
Schoenberg's Punk Rocker: The Radical Transformations of Dika Newlin
This article focuses on Dika Newlin (1923-2006), an eccentric individual who was a musical prodigy in her early life and deemed a teenaged protégé of Arnold Schoenberg. Dika took an interest in punk rock later in life, and even joined a punk rock band. The author seeks to understand Dika's transition from protégé to punk rocker by describing some of her various phases as scholar, pianist, composer, and militant iconoclast. This paper was presented at the Music Library Association Conference in Denton, TX, on October 3, 2014.
Solvation descriptors for pesticides from the solubility of solids: diuron as an example
Article on the solvation descriptors for pesticides from the solubility of solids and diuron as an example.
Texts and Contexts: GDR Literature during the 1970s
Book chapter discussing texts and contexts in German Democratic Republic literature during the 1970s.
'Zur Sache Deutschland.' Volker Braun Takes Stock
Article discussing "Zur Sache Deutschland" and Volker Braun taking stock of his life.