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Primary view of Competency-Based Approach for Curriculum Development in Digital Curation
Kim, Jeonghyun & Moen, William E.
January 24, 2014
Primary view of The Color of Money
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of The Big Heat
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Santa Fe
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Excuse Me
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Orson
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Older Poor Parents who Lost an Adult Child to AIDS in Togo, West Africa: A Qualitative Study
Moore, Ami R.
January 2007
Primary view of Tares and Wheat
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Cain and Abel
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Predicting Solubility of Anthracene in Non-aqueous Solvent Mixtures Using a Combination of Jouyban-Acree and Abraham Models
Jouyban, Abolghasem; Khoubnasabjafari, Maryam & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
August 1, 2006
Primary view of Autobiographical Memories for Very Negative Events: The Effects of Thinking about and Rating Memories
Rubin, David C.; Boals, Adriel & Klein, Kitty
February 1, 2010
Primary view of The Transcriptional Regulator AlgR Controls Cyanide Production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Carterson, Alexander J.; Morici, Lisa A.; Jackson, Debra W.; Frisk, Anders; Lizewski, Stephen E.; Jupiter, Ryan et al.
October 2004
Primary view of Disclosure of Children's Positive Serostatus to Family and Nonfamily Members: Informal Caregivers in Togo, West Africa
Moore, Ami R. & Williamson, David Allen
April 14, 2011
Primary view of Painted Magazine Triptych
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Painted Sports Magazine
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Spatial Mapping of Lipids at Cellular Resolution in Embryos of Cotton
Horn, Patrick J.; Korte, Andrew R.; Neogi, Purnima B.; Love, Ebony; Fuchs, Johannes; Strupat, Kerstin et al.
February 2012
Primary view of Changes in Cell Wall Carbohydrate Extractability are Correlated with Reduced Recalcitrance of HCT Downregulated Alfalfa Biomass
Pattathil, Sivakumar; Saffold, Trina; Gallego-Giraldo, Lina; O'Neill, Malcolm; York, William S.; Dixon, R. A. et al.
August 2012
Primary view of Modeling Utilization of Planned Information Technology
Stettheimer, Timothy D. & Cleveland, Ana D., 1943-
November 1998
Primary view of Open Access Publishing Fees: Responses, Strategies and Emerging Trends
Waugh, Laura
March 21, 2014
Primary view of Painted Magazine Triptych
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Jesus and Disciples in a Storm
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Elvis / Blue Boy Still Life
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of The Europeans
Blackburn, Ed, 1940-
Primary view of Village Characteristics and Health of Rural Chinese Older Adults: Examining the CHARLS Pilot Study of a Rich and Poor Province
Yeatts, Dale E., 1952-; Pei, Xiaomei; Cready, Cynthia M.; Shen, Yuying; Luo, Hao & Tan, Junxin
December 2013