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Primary view of Continued Fractions and Sturmian Words: Discover the Power of Mathematics!
Allen, Andrew & Cherry, William, 1966-
April 14, 2011
Primary view of Curvature Bundle Morphisms for Hypersurface Generalized Dirac Operators
Anghel, Nicolae
Primary view of Determinant Identities and the Geometry of Lines and Circles
Anghel, Nicolae
October 20, 2015
Primary view of An elementary characterization of the orders of non-abelian groups
Anghel, Nicolae
Primary view of O generalizare a problemei piesei de 5 lei a lui Ţiţeica
Anghel, Nicolae
November 2012
Primary view of An inductive proof of the Cayley-Hamilton theorem
Anghel, Nicolae
July 2014
Primary view of Legătura dintre sumele Stieltjes şi sumele simetrice elementare
Anghel, Nicolae
February 2012
Primary view of Magnetic Schröodinger operators with discrete spectra on non-compact Kähler manifolds
Anghel, Nicolae
August 2011
Primary view of Maximum of a function
Anghel, Nicolae
January 2014
Primary view of On a class of Stieltjes-Van Vleck polynomials
Anghel, Nicolae
Primary view of On a family of iterated integrals
Anghel, Nicolae
Primary view of On the exact solution of certain generic nonlinear polynomial systems with cyclic symmetry
Anghel, Nicolae
Primary view of Polynomial Harmonic Decompositions
Anghel, Nicolae
January 2017
Primary view of Square roots of real 2 x 2 matrices
Anghel, Nicolae
November 2013
Primary view of Square Roots of Real 3 x 3 Matrices vs. Quartic Polynomials with Real Zeros
Anghel, Nicolae
November 2017
Primary view of Interpreting genomic data via entropic dissection
Azad, Rajeev K. & Li, Jing
October 3, 2012
Primary view of A Tiling Game and Its Properties in the Plane: Discover the Power of Mathematics
Bach, Kevin & Schlutzenberg, Farmer
April 14, 2011
Primary view of Continued Fractions: Discover the Power of Mathematics!
Beardslee, Jordan & Cherry, William, 1966-
April 14, 2011
Primary view of Almost Holomorphic Poincaré Series Corresponding to Products of Harmonic Siegel–Maass Forms
Bringmann, Kathrin; Richter, Olav K. & Westerholt-Raum, Martin
April 15, 2016
Primary view of Autonomous Robot Localization Using WiFi Fingerprinting
Bunkley, Terrence; Wright, Alex & Namuduri, Kamesh
April 14, 2011
Primary view of Identification and Network-Enabled Characterization of Auxin Response Factor Genes in Medicago truncatula
Burks, David J. & Azad, Rajeev K.
December 9, 2016
Primary view of Environmental vibrios represent a source of antagonistic compounds that inhibit pathogenic Vibrio cholerae and Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains
Burks, David J.; Norris, Stephen; Kauffman, Kathryn M.; Joy, Abigail; Arevalo, Philip; Azad, Rajeev K. et al.
March 10, 2017
Primary view of Extremality and dynamically defined measures, part I: Diophantine properties of quasi-decaying measures
Das, Tushar; Fishman, Lior; Simmons, David & Urbański, Mariusz
April 7, 2017
Primary view of Unconventional height functions in simultaneous Diophantine approximation
Fishman, Lior & Simmons, David
October 3, 2016