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Primary view of Revisiting (Some of) the Lasting Impacts of the Liberty Ships via a Metallurgical Analysis of Rivets from the SS "John W. Brown"
Harris, M. D.; Grogg, W. J.; Akoma, A.; Hayes, B. J.; Reidy, Richard F.; Imhoff, E. F. et al.
October 26, 2015
Primary view of Longitudinal trajectories of physical activity in women using latent class growth analysis: The WIN Study
Kim, Youngdeok; Kang, Minsoo; Tacón, Anna M. & Morrow, James R.
April 21, 2015
Primary view of Impacts of sustainable value and business stewardship on lifestyle practices in clothing consumption
Hyun-Nam Lee, Stacy; Kim, Haejung & Yang, Kiseol
October 26, 2015
Primary view of Role of the left aortic arch and blood flows in embryonic American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)
Eme, John; Crossley, Dane A., II & Hicks, James W.
October 30, 2010
Primary view of Unconventional height functions in simultaneous Diophantine approximation
Fishman, Lior & Simmons, David
October 3, 2016
Primary view of Bioinformatics tools for cancer metabolomics
Blekherman, Grigoriy; Laubenbacher, Reinhard; Cortes, Diego F.; Mendes, Pedro; Torti, Frank M.; Akman, Steven et al.
January 12, 2011
Primary view of ROS Are Good
Mittler, Ron
September 23, 2016
Primary view of Sturm bounds for Siegel modular forms
Richter, Olav K. & Westerholt-Raum, Martin
February 2, 2015
Primary view of News, new roles & preservation advocacy: Moving Libraries into action
Halbert, Martin; Skinner, Katherine; Wilson, Marc & Zarndt, Frederick
June 7, 2016
Primary view of Conceptualizing the emerging field of smart learning environments
Spector, J. Michael
October 16, 2014
Primary view of Replication Concepts for Bioenergy Research Experiments
Casler, Michael D.; Vermerris, Wilfred & Dixon, R. A.
February 5, 2015
Primary view of Stochastics and thermodynamics for equilibrium measures of holomorphic endomorphisms on complex projective spaces
Szostakiewicz, Michał; Urbański, Mariusz & Zdunik, Anna
February 14, 2014
Primary view of Study of traits and recalcitrance reduction of field-grown COMT down-regulated switchgrass
Li, Mi; Pu, Yunqiao; Yoo, Chang Geun; Gjersing, Erica; Decker, Stephen R.; Doeppke, Crissa et al.
January 3, 2017
Primary view of Chemistry of Supraglacial Ponds in thte Debris-Covered Area of Lirung Glacier in Central Nepal Himalayas
Bhatt, Maya P.; Takeuchi, Nozomu & Acevedo, Miguel F.
August 27, 2015
Primary view of Borrelia, Ehrlichia, and Rickettsia spp. in Ticks Removed from Persons, Texas, USA
Williamson, Phillip C.; Billingsley, Peggy M.; Teltow, Glenna J.; Seals, Janel P.; Turnbough, Meredith A. & Atkinson, Samuel F.
March 10, 2010
Primary view of A Three-Dimensional Functional Assessment of Heart and Vessel Development int he Larva of the Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Bagatto, Brian & Burggren, Warren W.
November 7, 2005
Primary view of The deepest X-ray view of high-redshift galaxies: constraints on low-rate black hole accretion
Vito, F.; Gilli, Roberto; Vignali, Christian; Brandt, William Nielsen; Comastri, Andrea; Yang, G. et al.
August 5, 2016
Primary view of Enhancing Bibliographic Access to Dissertations
Sassen, Catherine
December 12, 2016
Primary view of Yeah, I Found It!: Performing Web Site Usability Testing to Ensure that Off-Campus Students Can Find the Information They Need
Thomsett-Scott, Beth
May 2004
Primary view of What is the Purpose of the Embryonic Heart Beat? or How Facts Can Ultimately Prevail over Physiological Dogma
Burggren, Warren W.
April 19, 2004
Primary view of Phylogenetic analysis of eukaryotic NEET proteins uncovers a link between a key gene duplication event and the evolution of vertebrates
Inupakutika, Madhuri A.; Sengupta, Soham; Nechushtai, Rachel; Jennings, Patricia A.; Onuchic, José N.; Azad, Rajeev K. et al.
February 16, 2017
Primary view of Effects of light on the resistivity of chemical vapor deposited graphene films
Mo, Yudong; Pérez, José M.; Ye, Zhou; Zhao, Lei; Yang, Shizhong; Tan, Liuxi et al.
October 24, 2016
Primary view of Metabolic Allometry during Development and Metamorphosis of the Silkworm Bombyx mori: Analyses, Patterns, and Mechanisms
Blossman-Myer, Bonnie L. & Burggren, Warren W.
January 27, 2010
Primary view of A Dual-Modality System for Both Multi-Color Ultrasound-Switchable Fluorescence and Ultrasound Imaging
Kandukuri, Jayanth; Yu, Shuai; Cheng, Bingbing; Bandi, Venugopal; D'Souza, Francis; Nguyen, Kytai T. et al.
February 4, 2017