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Primary view of Modeling the Deposition of Metal Atoms on a p-Type Organometallic Conductor: Implications for Stability and Electron Transfer
Chilukuri, Bhaskar & Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
March 10, 2011
Primary view of CO₂ Reduction on Transition Metal (Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu) Surfaces: In Comparison with Homogeneous Catalysis
Liu, Cong; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Wilson, Angela K.
February 22, 2012
Primary view of A Priori Assessment of the Stereoelectronic Profile of Phosphines and Phosphites
Cooney, Katharine D.; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-; Hoffman, Norris W.; Pittard, Karl A.; Temple, M. Danielle & Zhao, Yong
March 15, 2003
Primary view of Small Molecule Elimination from Group IVB (Ti, Zr, Hf) Amido Complexes
Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Gordon, Mark S.
May 1993
Primary view of High-Valent Transition-Metal Alkylidene Complexes: Effect of Ligand and Substituent Modification
Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Gordon, Mark S.
Primary view of Carbon-Hydrogen Bond Activation by Titanium Imido Complexes. Computational Evidence for the Role of Alkane Adducts in Selective C-H Activation
Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-; Klinckman, Thomas R. & Wolczanski, Peter T.
January 19, 2002
Primary view of A Masked Two-Coordinate Cobalt (I) Complex That Activates C-F Bonds
Dugan, Thomas R.; Sun, Xianru; Rybak-Akimova, Elena V.; Olatunji-Ojo, Olayinka; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Holland, Patrick L.
July 19, 2011
Primary view of Selectivity and Mechanism of Hydrogen Atom Transfer by an Isolable Imidoiron (III) Complex
Cowley, Ryan E.; Eckert, Nathan A.; Vaddadi, Sridhar; Figg, Travis M.; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Holland, Patrick L.
May 12, 2011
Primary view of Calculation of a Methane C-H Oxidative Addition Trajectory: Comparison to Experiment and Methane Activation by High-Valent Complexes
Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
January 1994
Primary view of Modified embedded atom method study of the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube reinforced nickel composites
Uddin, Jamal; Baskes, Michael I.; Srivilliputhur, Srinivasan; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Wilson, Angela K.
March 11, 2010
Primary view of Principal Resonance Contributors to High-Valent, Transition-Metal Alkylidene Complexes
Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Gordon, Mark S.
July 1991
Primary view of Mechanistic Studies of Ethylene Hydrophenylation Catalyzed by Bipyridyl Pt(II) Complexes
McKeown, Bradley A.; Gonzalez, Hector Emanuel; Friedfeld, Max R.; Gunnoe, T. Brent; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Sabat, Michal
November 8, 2011
Primary view of Transition Metal Imido Complexes
Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
September 1, 1992
Primary view of Deoxygenations of (silox)₃WNO and R₃PO by (silox)₃M (M = V, Ta) and (silox)₃NbL (silox = ᵗBu₃SiO): Consequences of Electronic Effects
Veige, Adam S.; Slaughter, LeGrande M.; Wolczanski, Peter T.; Matsunaga, Nikita; Decker, Stephen A. & Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
June 6, 2001
Primary view of Activation of Carbon-Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Hydrogen Bonds by Copper-Nitrenes: A Comparison of Density Functionality Theory with Single- and Multireference Correlation Consistent Composite Approaches
Tekarli, Sammer M.; Williams, T. Gavin & Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
October 19, 2009
Primary view of Stepwise Reduction of Dinitrogen Bond Order by a Low-Coordinate Iron Complex
Smith, Jeremy M.; Lachicotte, Rene J.; Pittard, Karl A.; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-; Lukat-Rodgers, Gudrun; Rodgers, Kenton R. et al.
August 24, 2001
Primary view of Quantitative Computational Thermochemistry of Transition Metal Species
DeYonker, Nathan J.; Peterson, Kirk A.; Steyl, Gideon; Wilson, Angela K. & Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
May 15, 2007
Primary view of A Two-Coordinate Nickel Imido Complex That Effects C-H Amination
Laskowski, Carl A.; Miller, Alexander J.M.; Hillhouse, Gregory L. & Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
December 22, 2010
Primary view of Net Hydrogenation of Pt-NHPh Bond Is Catalyzed by Elemental Pt
Webb, Joanna R.; Pierpont, Aaron W.; Munro-Leighton, Colleen; Gunnoe, T. Brent; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Boyle, Paul D.
March 11, 2010
Primary view of Electronically Unsaturated Three-Coordinate Chloride and Methyl Complexes of Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel
Holland, Patrick L.; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-; Perez, Lanyn L.; Eckert, Nathan A. & Lachicotte, Rene J.
November 8, 2002
Primary view of An Effective Core Potential Study of Transition-Metal Chalcogenides. 1. Molecular Structure
Benson, Michael T.; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-; Lim, Soon J.; Nguyen, Hoang D. & Pierce-Beaver, Karen
May 1994
Primary view of Cobalt-Dinitrogen Complexes with Weakened N-N Bonds
Ding, Keying; Pierpont, Aaron W.; Brennessel, William W.; Lukat-Rodgers, Gudrun; Rodgers, Kenton R.; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- et al.
June 19, 2009
Primary view of Reductive Elimination of Alkylamines from Low-Valent, Alkylpalladium(II) Amido Complexes
Hanley, Patrick S.; Marquard, Seth L.; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Hartwig, John F.
August 30, 2012
Primary view of Inter- and Intramolecular Experimental and Calculated Equilibrium Isotope Effects for (silox)₂(ᵗBu₃SiND)TiR + RH (silox = ᵗBu₃SiO): Inferred Kinetic Isotope Effects for RH/D Addition to Transient (silox)₂Ti=NSiᵗBu₃
Slaughter, LeGrande M.; Wolczanski, Peter T.; Klinckman, Thomas R. & Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
August 23, 2000