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Primary view of Health Promotion in Schools of Music: Initial Recommendations for Schools of Music
Chesky, Kris S.; Dawson, William J. & Manchester, Ralph
Primary view of Attitudes of college music students towards noise in youth culture
Chesky, Kris S.; Pair, Marla; Lanford, Scott & Yoshimura, Eri
Primary view of Risk Factors for Piano-related Pain among College Students
Yoshimura, Eri; Paul, Pamela Mia; Aerts, Cyriel & Chesky, Kris S.
September 2006
Primary view of The Application Of An Ergonomically Modified Keyboard To Reduce Piano-Related Pain
Yoshimura, Eri & Chesky, Kris S.
November 2009
Primary view of An Analysis of Research Methods Employed in Epidemiological Studies to Create a Similar Study for the UNT Marching Band
Hatheway, Melissa & Chesky, Kris S.
April 14, 2011