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Primary view of Peer Review and the Ex Ante Assessment of Societal Impacts
Holbrook, J. Britt & Frodeman, Robert
Primary view of Dharmic Ecology: Perspectives from the Swadhyaya Practitioners
Jain, Pankaj
Primary view of Photography Changes Our Environmental Awareness
O'Connor, Brian Clark & Klaver, Irene
Primary view of What's Wrong with Processed Food?
Kaplan, David M.
October 24, 2011
Primary view of Re-assessing the science - society relation: The case of the US National Science Foundation's broader impacts merit review criterion (1997 - 2011)
Holbrook, J. Britt
Primary view of A New Philosophy for the 21st Century
Briggle, Adam & Frodeman, Robert
December 11, 2011
Primary view of Introducing a Policy Turn in Environmental Philosophy
Briggle, Adam; Frodeman, Robert & Holbrook, J. Britt
Primary view of Not in My Back Yard!
Briggle, Adam
February 8, 2012
Primary view of Ciencia y política: perspectiva histórica y modelos alternativos
Mitcham, Carl & Briggle, Adam
April 2007
Primary view of [Review] Tempting Fate: The Ethics of Dual-Use Research
Briggle, Adam
March 20, 2009
Primary view of Media and Communication
Briggle, Adam & Christians, Clifford G.
July 2010
Primary view of Dear Facebook
Briggle, Adam
Primary view of Truth in Context: Nietzsche's Affirmation of Tragic Morality
Heister, Luke & Yaffe, Martin D.
April 14, 2011
Primary view of The Promise and Perils of Transformative Research
Frodeman, Robert & Holbrook, J. Britt
March 2012
Primary view of The Use Of Societal Impacts Considerations In Grant Proposal Peer Review: A Comparison Of Five Models
Holbrook, J. Britt
Primary view of Good Transformations: Ambiguity and the NSF's Experiment with 'Transformative' Research
Holbrook, J. Britt; Barr, Kelli R. & Frodeman, Robert
March 22, 2012
Primary view of Resistance to impact criteria can lead to a tightening of the accountability noose
Holbrook, J. Britt & Frodeman, Robert
March 15, 2012
Primary view of Philosophy Matters - Examining the Value of Knowledge
Frodeman, Robert & Holbrook, J. Britt
May 10, 2012
Primary view of Does open access really threaten peer review?
Holbrook, J. Britt
January 11, 2012
Primary view of Science: For Science's or Society's Sake? Owning the National Science Foundation's Broader Impacts Criterion
Holbrook, J. Britt & Frodeman, Robert
March 1, 2012
Primary view of Accountable Science: The COMPETES Act Needs to Demonstrate an Accountability Attitude
Holbrook, J. Britt
September 16, 2010
Primary view of Is Time Real? A Work in Progress
McDaniel, Joel & Gunter, P. A. Y. (Pete Addison Y.), 1936-
April 3, 2008
Primary view of The Role of Moral Realism in the U.S. Legal System: A Work in Progress
Clark, Gilbert Jon & Figueroa, Robert
April 3, 2008
Primary view of Comparative Assessment of Peer Review (CAPR): EU/US workshop on peer review: Assessing "broader impact" in research grant applications
Holbrook, J. Britt & Frodeman, Robert
December 2010