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Primary view of Experimental Artifacts and Determination of Accurate Py Values
Street, Kenneth W. & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
Primary view of Rate Constant for the Reaction Na + O₂ + N₂ → NaO₂ + N₂ Under Mesospheric Conditions
Husain, David; Marshall, Paul & Plane, John M. C.
January 1986
Primary view of An HTP kinetics study of the reaction between ground-state H atoms and NH₃ from 500 to 1140 K
Marshall, Paul & Fontijn, A. (Arthur)
May 2, 1986
Primary view of Enthalpies of combustion of four N-phenylmethylene benzenamine N-oxide derivatives, of N-phenylmethylene benzenamine, and of trans-diphenyldiazene N-oxide: the dissociation enthalpy of the (N-O) bonds
Kirchner, James J.; Acree, William E. (William Eugene); Pilcher, Geoffrey & Shaofeng, Li
August 1, 1986
Primary view of A Method for Analyzing Exponential Decays
Marshall, Paul
October 23, 1986