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Primary view of Through-Bond Interactions in the Diradical Intermediates Formed in the Rearrangements of Bicyclo[n.m.0]alkatetraenes
Lovitt, Charity Flener; Dong, Hao; Hrovat, David A.; Gleiter, Rolf & Borden, Weston T.
September 24, 2010
Primary view of Low-Coordinate Chromium Siloxides: The "Box" [Cr(μ-OSitBu3)]4, Distorted Trigonal [(tBu3SiO)3Cr] [Na(benzene)] and [(tBu3SiO)3Cr] [Na(dibenzo-18-c-6)], and Trigonal (tBu3SiO)3Cr
Sydora, Orson L.; Wolczanski, Peter T.; Lobkovsky, Emil B.; Buda, Corneliu & Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
March 24, 2005
Primary view of Evidence for Strong Tantalum-to-Boron Dative Interactions in (silox)3Ta(BH3) and (silox)3Ta(ɳ2-B,CI-BCI2Ph) (silox = tBu3SiO)1
Bonanno, Jeffrey B.; Henry, Thomas P.; Wolczanski, Peter T.; Pierpont, Aaron W. & Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
January 24, 2007
Primary view of Hydrogen-Deuerium Exchange between TpRu(PMe3)(L)X (L = PMe3 and X = OH, OPh, Me, Ph, or NHPh; L = NCMe and X = Ph) and Deuterated Arene Solvents: Evidence for Metal-Mediated Processes
Feng, Yuee; Lail, Marty; Foley, Nicholas A.; Gunnoe, T. Brent; Barakat, Khaldoon A.; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- et al.
May 24, 2006
Primary view of Stepwise Reduction of Dinitrogen Bond Order by a Low-Coordinate Iron Complex
Smith, Jeremy M.; Lachicotte, Rene J.; Pittard, Karl A.; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-; Lukat-Rodgers, Gudrun; Rodgers, Kenton R. et al.
August 24, 2001
Primary view of Flavin-Catalyzed Insertion of Oxygen into Rhenium-Methyl Bonds
Pouy, Mark J.; Milczek, Erika M.; Figg, Travis M.; Otten, Brooke M.; Prince, Bruce M.; Gunnoe, T. Brent et al.
July 24, 2010
Primary view of Variable Pathways for Oxygen Atom Insertion into Metal-Carbon Bonds: The Case of Cp*W(O)₂(CH₂SiMe₃)
Mei, Jiajun; Carsch, Kurtis M.; Freitag, Cody R.; Gunnoe, T. Brent & Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
December 24, 2012
Primary view of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solute Probes. Part 5: Fluorescence Spectra of Pyrene, Ovalene, Coronene, and Benzo[ghi]perylene Dissolved in Liquid Alkylammonium Thiocyanate Organic Salts
Street, Kenneth W.; Acree, William E. (William Eugene); Fetzer, John Charles, 1953-; Shetty, Prabhakara H. & Poole, Colin F.
February 24, 1989
Primary view of Solubility of Phenanthrene in Binary Mixtures of C1 - C4 Alcohols + 2-Propanol and Ethanol + Methanol at 298.2 K
Fakhree, Mohammad Amin Abolghassemi; Shayanfar, Ali; Acree, William E. (William Eugene) & Jouyban, Abolghasem
March 24, 2009
Primary view of Method of Making Integrated Circuits Using Ruthenium and its Oxides as a Cu Diffusion Barrier
Chyan, Oliver M. R. & Ponnuswamy, Thomas
June 20, 2003
Primary view of A RESTful API for exchanging materials data in the AFLOWLIB.org consortium
Taylor, Richard H.; Rose, Frisco; Toher, Cormac; Levy, Ohad; Yang, Kesong; Buongiorno Nardelli, Marco et al.
July 24, 2014
Primary view of Enthalpies of solution and enthalpies of solvation of organic solutes in ethylene glycol at 298.15 K: prediction and analysis of intermolecular interaction contributions
Stolov, Mikhail; Zaitseva, Ksenia V.; Varfolomeev, Mikhail A. & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
December 24, 2016
Primary view of Tinker-HP: a massively parallel molecular dynamics package for multiscale simulations of large complex systems with advanced point dipole polarizable force fields
Lagardère, Louis; Jolly, Luc-Henri; Lipparini, Filippo; Aviat, Félix; Stamm, Benjamin; Jing, Zhifeng F. et al.
October 18, 2017
Primary view of Comments on "Solubility and Dissolution Thermodynamic Data of Cefpiramide in Pure Solvents and Binary Solvents"
Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
January 24, 2018