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Primary view of Reversible Beta-Hydrogen Elimination of Three-Coordinate Iron(II) Alkyl Complexes: Mechanistic and Thermodynamic Studies
Vela, Javier; Vaddadi, Sridhar; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-; Smith, Jeremy M.; Gregory, Elizabeth A.; Lachicotte, Rene J. et al.
October 1, 2004
Primary view of Transition Metal Imido Complexes
Cundari, Thomas R., 1964-
September 1, 1992
Primary view of Response to "A critique of Abraham and Acree's correlation for deca-1,9-diene/water partition coefficients"
Abraham, M. H. (Michael H.) & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
February 1, 2013
Primary view of Chemical Toxicity Correlations for Several Fish Species Based on the Abraham Solvation Parameter Model
Hoover, Kaci R.; Acree, William E. (William Eugene) & Abraham, M. H. (Michael H.)
September 1, 2005
Primary view of A General Treatment of Solubility 4. Description and Analysis of a PCA Model for Ostwald Solubility Coefficients
Tulp, Indrek; Dobchev, Dimitar A.; Katritzky, Alan R.; Acree, William E. (William Eugene) & Maran, Uko, 1966-
July 1, 2010
Primary view of The Role of the Glycine Triad in Human Glutathione Synthetase
Dinescu, Adriana; Brown, Teresa R.; Barelier, Sarah; Cundari, Thomas R., 1964- & Anderson, Mary E.
October 1, 2010
Primary view of Predicting Solubility of Anthracene in Non-aqueous Solvent Mixtures Using a Combination of Jouyban-Acree and Abraham Models
Jouyban, Abolghasem; Khoubnasabjafari, Maryam & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
August 1, 2006
Primary view of Commentary on "Study of Assorted Interactions of an Ionic Liquid in Significant Solvent Systems using Compensated Equation of Fuoss Conductance and Vibrational Mode"
Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
May 1, 2014
Primary view of Fluorinated Metal-Organic Frameworks for Gas Storage
Omary, Mohammad A. & Yang, Chi
September 12, 2008
Primary view of Graphene Formation on Dielectrics and Electronic Devices Formed Therefrom
Kelber, Jeffry A.; Gaddam, Sneha Sen & Bjelkevig, Cameron L.
December 29, 2010
Primary view of Spectrochemical Investigation of Preferential Solvation. 2. Compatibility of Thermodynamic Models versus Spectrofluorometric Probe Methods for Tautomeric Solutes Dissolved in Binary Mixtures
Acree, William E. (William Eugene); Wilkins, Denise C.; Tucker, Sheryl A. (Sheryl Ann); Griffin, Jason M. & Powell, Joyce R.
March 1, 1994
Primary view of Fluorinated Metal-Organic Frameworks for Gas Storage
Omary, Mohammad A. & Yang, Chi
September 12, 2008
Primary view of Direct Utilization of Plasma Proteins for the In Vivo Assembly of Protein-Drug/Imaging Agent Conjugates, Nanocarriers and Coatings for Biomaterials
Petros, Robby A.
December 30, 2009
Primary view of Applications of Hydrogen Gas Getters in Mass Spectrometry
Verbeck, Guido F.
December 30, 2009
Primary view of Solubility of Anthracene in Binary Alcohol + Acetonitrile Solvent Mixtures at 298.2 K
De Fina, Karina M.; Abernathy, Sarah; Alexander, Karen; Olugbuyi, Comfort; Vance, Araina & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
January 1, 2003
Primary view of Surface Tension Calculation of Mixed Solvents with Respect to Solvent Composition and Temperature by Using Jouyban-Acree Model
Jouyban, Abolghasem; Fathi-Azarbayjani, Anahita & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
October 1, 2004
Primary view of A General Treatment of Solubility. 2. QSPR Prediction of Free Energies of Solvation of Specified Solutes in Ranges of Solvents
Katritzky, Alan R.; Oliferenko, Alexander A.; Oliferenko, Polina V.; Petrukhin, Ruslan; Tatham, Douglas B.; Maran, Uko, 1966- et al.
October 1, 2003
Primary view of Solubility Prediction of Paracetamol in Water-Ethanol-Propylene Glycol Mixtures at 25 and 30°C Using Practical Approaches
Jouyban, Abolghasem; Azarmir, Olduz; Mirzaei, Shahla; Hassanzadeh, Davoud; Ghafourian, Taravat; Acree, William E. (William Eugene) et al.
April 1, 2008
Primary view of Solubility of Anthracene in Binary Alcohol + 2-Ethyl-1-hexanol Solvent Mixtures
Powell, Joyce R.; McHale, Mary E. R.; Kauppila, Ann-Sofi M.; Otero, Pablo; Jayasekera, Melani & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
November 1, 1995
Primary view of Estimation of the Effective Dielectric Constant of Cyclodextrin Cavities Based on the Fluorescence Properties of Pyrene-3-Carboxaldehyde
Street, Kenneth W.
September 1, 1988
Primary view of Quantitative Analysis Laboratory Experiment: Bilinear Regression Analysis as a Means to Reduce Matrix Effects in Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of Cr(III) and Co(II)
Pandey, Siddharth; McHale, Mary E. R.; Coym, Karen S. & Acree, William E. (William Eugene)
July 1, 1998
Primary view of High-Accuracy Coupled-Cluster Computations of Bond Dissociation Energies in SH, H₂S, and H₂O
Peebles, Lynda R. & Marshall, Paul
February 5, 2002
Primary view of A Kinetic Study of the Recombination Reaction Na + SO₂ + Ar
Shi, Youchun & Marshall, Paul
July 17, 1990
Primary view of High-Temperature Photochemistry Kinetics Studies of the Reactions of H(1²S) and D(1²S) with N₂O
Marshall, Paul; Ko, Taecho & Fontijn, A. (Arthur)
June 16, 1988