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Primary view of Maintaining Quality Metadata: Toward Effective Digital Resource Lifecycle Management
Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw
Primary view of Modeling and Analysis Using Computational Tools
Akl, Robert G. & Kavi, Krishna M.
Primary view of Real-Time Systems: An Introduction and the State-of-the-Art
Kavi, Krishna M.; Akl, Robert G. & Hurson, Ali
March 16, 2009
Primary view of Hybrid Approach for Energy-Aware Synchronization
Akl, Robert G.; Saravanos, Yanos & Haidar, Mohamad
December 2010
Primary view of Annotating and Identifying Emotions in Text
Strapparava, Carlo, 1962- & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
Primary view of Unions of Slavery: Slavery, Politics, and Secession in the Valley of Virginia
Torget, Andrew J., 1978-
Primary view of Collaborating with Your Local Public Library
Hoffman, Starr; Downey, Annie & Sears, Suzanne
Primary view of Preserving Our Collections, Preserving Our Missions
Halbert, Martin & Skinner, Katherine
Primary view of Metaphoric Analysis of a Shipyard Union Dispute: Theory and Method in the Cultural Analysis of Collective Action
Ignatow, Gabriel
February 2009
Primary view of Media and Communication
Briggle, Adam & Christians, Clifford G.
July 2010
Primary view of Dear Facebook
Briggle, Adam
Primary view of The Functional Ontology of Filmic Documents
Anderson, Richard L.; O'Connor, Brian Clark & Kearns, Jodi L.
Primary view of Educating the Community: Preserving Tomorrow's Treasures Today
Phillips, Jessica
April 5, 2012
Primary view of Biocultural conservation in Cape Horn: the Magellanic woodpecker as a charismatic species
Arango, Ximena; Rozzi, Ricardo, 1960-; Massardo, Francisca & Ibarra, J. Tomás
March 11, 2010
Primary view of Assessing Interoperability in the Networked Environment: Standards, Evaluation, and Testbeds in the Context of Z39.50
Moen, William E.
Primary view of How to Hook a Hottie: Teenage Boys, Hegemonic Masculinity, and Cosmo Girl! Magazine
Enck-Wanzer, Suzanne M. & Murray, Scott A.
Primary view of Prediction of Partition Coeffecients  and Permeability of Drug Molecules in Biological Systems with Abraham Model Solute Descriptors Derived from Measured Solubilities and Water-to-Organic Solvent Partition Coefficients
Acree, William E. (William Eugene); Grubbs, Laura M. & Abraham, M. H. (Michael H.)
February 10, 2012
Primary view of Prediction of Toxicity, Sensory Responses and Biological Responses with the Abraham Model
Acree, William E. (William Eugene); Grubbs, Laura M. & Abraham, M. H. (Michael H.)
February 10, 2012
Primary view of Selection of Ionic Liquid Solvents for Chemical Separations Based on the Abraham Model
Acree, William E. (William Eugene); Grubbs, Laura M. & Abraham, M. H. (Michael H.)
February 21, 2011
Primary view of Neural Dynamics: Criticality, Cooperation, Avalanches and Entrainment between Complex Networks
Grigolini, Paolo; Zare, Marzieh; Svenkeson, Adam & West, Bruce J.
May 22, 2012
Primary view of Theses and Dissertations from Print to ETD: The Nuances of Preserving and Accessing Those in Music
Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw & Hartsock, Ralph
Primary view of The Peasant Union Movement: The Quest for the Political Organization of Peasants in the Soviet Union in the 1920s
Velikanova, Olga V.
Primary view of "The Silicon Dream": Breaking Glass on the Small Screen
Keralis, Spencer D. C.
March 2008
Primary view of Reengineering The Portal to Texas History
Murray, Kathleen R.; Phillips, Mark Edward; Hicks, William; Weng, Neena & Belden, Dreanna