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Primary view of Effects of Chemicals on People and the Environment
Dickson, Kenneth L.
March 1984
Primary view of Growth of Azotobacter vinelandii on Soil Nutrients
Wu, Fang Jy; Moreno, Joaquin & Vela, G. Roland, 1927-
March 1987
Primary view of The Changing Use of Health Care Services by Unmarried Older Women, 1969 to 1975: Final Report to the NRTA-AARP Andrus Foundation
Martin, Cora A. & Eve, Susan Brown
March 12, 1982
Primary view of Algunos criterios para el establecimiento de prioridades de investigacion en el eje fluvial Orinoco-Apure
Acevedo, Miguel F.
March 1984
Primary view of High-Temperature Photochemistry Kinetics Studies of the Reactions of H(1²S) and D(1²S) with N₂O
Marshall, Paul; Ko, Taecho & Fontijn, A. (Arthur)
June 16, 1988
Primary view of A High-Temperature Photochemistry Kinetics Study of the Reaction of O(³P) Atoms with Ethylene from 290 to 1510 K
Mahmud, Khaled; Marshall, Paul & Fontijn, A. (Arthur)
June 13, 1986
Primary view of Solubility in Binary Solvent Systems 3: Predictive Expressions Based on Molecular Surface Areas
Acree, William E. (William Eugene) & Rytting, J. Howard
March 1, 1983
Primary view of [Review] [1] A Most Wonderous Babble: American Art Composers, Their Music, and the American Scene, 1950-1985. [2] Art Music in the American Society: The Condition of Art Music in the Late Twentieth Century.
McKnight, Mark
March 1989
Primary view of Dose Responses for Colletotrichum lindemuthianum Elicitor-mediated Enzyme Induction in French Bean Cell Suspension Cultures
Dixon, R. A.; Dey, P. M.; Murphy, D. L. & Whitehead, I. M.
March 1981