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Experiments in Operationalizing Metadata Quality Interfaces: A Case Study at the University of North Texas Libraries

Description: Paper presented at the 2018 International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications Initiative (DCMI). This paper describes work underway at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries to design and implement interfaces and tools for analyzing metadata quality in their local metadata editing environment.
Date: September 10, 2018
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward & Tarver, Hannah
Partner: UNT Libraries

Insights Into the Factors Influencing Student Motivation in Augmented Reality Learning Experiences in Vocational Education and Training

Description: This article attempts to identify some of the components that positively affect student motivation in mobile augmented reality (AR) learning experiences to contribute to the design and development of motivational AR learning experiences for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) level of education.
Date: August 21, 2018
Creator: Bacca, Jorge; Baldiris, Silvia; Fabregat, Ramon & Kinshuk
Partner: UNT College of Information

It's in the Bag: Creating Sustainability in the Faculty Book Delivery Service

Description: Presentation for the 2018 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative Annual Conference. This presentation describes the University of North Texas Libraries Access Services Department's development of a sustainable faculty delivery service.
Date: August 10, 2018
Creator: Cornell, Emily; Brand, Rebecca; Keshmiripour, Setareh; Cunningham, Chris & Johnston, Pamela
Partner: UNT Libraries

The OA2020 Expression of Interest

Description: Presentation for the 2018 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative Annual Conference. OA2020 is an international initiative that supports institutions committed to a large-scale shift toward open access to the scholarly journal literature. Institutions that sign the Expression of Interest commit to making a good-faith effort to devise and implement practical strategies and actions for transitioning their funding for subscribing to journals to supporting open access. This lightning talk provides and overview of the OA2020 initiative and related resources to help guide decision-making on how to redirect library funding.
Date: August 10, 2018
Creator: Hawkins, Kevin S.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Vendor Relations: Evolving Ethos & Etiquette

Description: Presentation delivered at the 2018 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative Annual Conference. This presentation describes the University of North Texas Libraries' multi-year effort to improve vendor relations by proactively preventing problems and by responding effectively to new situations as they arise.
Date: August 10, 2018
Creator: Rodriguez, Allyson & Crawford, Laurel
Partner: UNT Libraries

Allaying Terror: Domesticating Vietnamese Refugee Artisans as Subjects of American Diplomacy

Description: This article explores how the photographs of a basketmaker, as well as photographs of other refugee artisans published in the August 1956 issue of Interior magazine, served the American State Department agenda by characterizing its subject in terms of pathos and need.
Date: August 1, 2018
Creator: Way, Jennifer
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

Complex Adaptive Systems: Adapting and Managing Teams and Team Conflict

Description: This book chapter provides an overview of teams, complex adaptive systems, conflict stages, and conflict models, while also presenting adaptive leadership as a style that offers organizations with the capabilities of reacting to changing environments quickly.
Date: August 1, 2018
Creator: Turner, John; Baker, Rose M. & Morris, Mark
Partner: UNT College of Information

Concept Raps versus Concept Maps: A Culturally Responsive Approach to STEM Vocabulary Development

Description: This article argues that the development of rap song lyrics or lyrical concept mapping can be a viable pedagogical alternative to the development of concept maps as a means to reinforce STEM vocabulary.
Date: July 31, 2018
Creator: Young, Jamaal; Young, Jemimah L.; Cason, Marti; Ortiz, Nickolaus; Foster, Marquita & Hamilton, Christina
Partner: UNT College of Education

Team Resilience in Complex and Turbulent Environments: The Effect of Size and Density of Social Interactions

Description: This article addresses the question of how teams cope with environmental threats by investigating two drivers of team resilience: the team size and the density of social interactions among team members.
Date: July 24, 2018
Creator: Giannoccaro, Ilaria; Massari, Giovanni F. & Carbone, Giuseppe
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Partners and Proposal Readiness: Preparing Graduate Students to Start Their Thesis and Dissertation Proposals

Description: Presentation for the 2018 STEM Librarians South conference. This presentation. This presentation shares experiences from the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries’ workshops to prepare STEM graduate students to write their dissertation or thesis proposals.
Date: July 20, 2018
Creator: O'Toole, Erin
Partner: UNT Libraries

Estimating Individual Tree Height and Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) from Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) Data at Plot Level

Description: This article explores the methods of using terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) technology to obtain point cloud data and estimate individual tree height and diameter at breast height (DBH) at plot level in regions with complex terrain.
Date: July 4, 2018
Creator: Liu, Guangjie; Wang, Jinliang; Dong, Pinliang; Chen, Yun & Liu, Zhiyuan
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Early Predictors of Child's Bully and Victim Statuses: A Longitudinal Investigation Using Parent, Teacher, and Student Reports From National Data

Description: This article studies how bullies and victims develop within the contexts of their homes and schools, and how early childhood behaviors can predict later bullying/victimization statuses.
Date: June 29, 2018
Creator: Natesan, Prathiba; Mitchell, Mary E. & Glover, Rebecca
Partner: UNT College of Education

Doing 3D: Implementations and Best Practices in Applying 3D Technologies Across Higher Education

Description: Presentation for the 2018 American Library Association Annual Conference, Library and Information Technology Association session. This presentation describes current methods for 3D scanning and modeling, and how this technology has been implemented through three different projects involving higher education.
Date: June 24, 2018
Creator: Rankins, Derek L.; McIntosh, Marcia; Boyer, Doug & Scates Kettler, Hannah
Partner: UNT Libraries Digital Projects Unit