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Crystal structure of bis(acetonitrile-𝖪N)(4,4'-di-tert-butyl-2,2'-bipyridine-𝖪²N,N')platinum(II) bis(tetra-fluoridoborate) packing as head-to-head dimers

Description: This article describes the crystal structure of a platinum(II) supramolecular building block, [Pt-(dbbpy)NNCCH₃)₂](BF₄)₂ (dbbpy = 4,4'-di-tert-butyl-2,2'-bipyridine, C₁₈H₂₄N₂).
Date: April 16, 2018
Creator: Joseph, Chris; Nesterov, Vladimir N. & Smucker, Bradley W.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Unfolding Research Data Services: An Information Architecture Perspective

Description: Poster presented at the 2018 ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries. This poster describes the use of a content analysis with the lens of information architecture to better understand how research data services are organize in North American academic library websites, and to what extent the research data lifecycle is supported within these services.
Date: June 4, 2018
Creator: Khan, Hammad; Chang, Hsia-Ching & Kim, Jeonghyun
Partner: UNT College of Information

Cooperative bi-exponential decay of dye emission coupled via plasmons

Description: This article demonstrates that the relaxation in the sub-radiant system leads to the population of the sub-radiant states by dephasing the super-radiant Dicke states giving rise to the bi-exponential decay in agreement with the experiments.
Date: June 22, 2018
Creator: Lyvers, David P.; Moazzezi, Mojtaba; de Silva, Vashista C.; Brown, Dean P.; Urbas, Augustine M.; Rostovtsev, Yuri V. et al.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Holographic fabrication of 3D photonic crystals through interference of multi-beams with 4 + 1, 5 + 1 and 6 + 1 configurations

Description: This article fabricates 3D photonic crystals or quasi-crystals through single beam and single optical element based holographic lithography.
Date: September 9, 2014
Creator: George, David; Lutkenhaus, Jeffrey; Lowell, David; Moazzezi, Mojtaba; Adewole, Murthada; Philipose, Usha et al.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Documenting Institutional Knowledge Through TRAC Self-Audit: A Case Study

Description: Book chapter on the Trusted Repository Audit and Checklist (TRAC) process through the lens of contextual dimensions within knowledge management, using the case study of the University of North Texas Libraries.
Date: October 26, 2017
Creator: Krahmer, Ana; Andrews, Pamela; Tarver, Hannah; Phillips, Mark Edward & Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw
Partner: UNT Libraries Digital Projects Unit

Designing Learning for Sustainable Development: Digital Practices as Boundary Crossers and Predictors of Sustainable Lifestyles

Description: This article contains results from a survey among students of urban and spatial planning in Slovenia to inform teacher's approaches to teaching as an important driver of institutional change.
Date: June 15, 2018
Creator: Starcic, Andreja Istenic; Terlevic, Maja; Lin, Lin & Lebenicnik, Maja
Partner: UNT College of Information

Existence and Nonexistence of Solutions for Semilinear Equations on Exterior Domains

Description: This article studies radial solutions of Δu + K(r)ƒ(u) = 0 on the exterior of the ball of radius R > 0 centered at the origin in ℝᴺ where ƒ is odd with ƒ < 0 on (0,ß), ƒ > 0 on (β, δ), ƒ ≡ 0 for u > δ, and where the function K(r) is assumed to be positive and K(r) → 0 as r → ∞.
Date: August 22, 2016
Creator: Iaia, Joseph A.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Doing 3D: Implementations and Best Practices in Applying 3D Technologies Across Higher Education

Description: Presentation for the 2018 American Library Association Annual Conference, Library and Information Technology Association session. This presentation describes current methods for 3D scanning and modeling, and how this technology has been implemented through three different projects involving higher education.
Date: June 24, 2018
Creator: Rankins, Derek L.; McIntosh, Marcia; Boyer, Doug & Scates Kettler, Hannah
Partner: UNT Libraries Digital Projects Unit

Early Predictors of Child's Bully and Victim Statuses: A Longitudinal Investigation Using Parent, Teacher, and Student Reports From National Data

Description: This article studies how bullies and victims develop within the contexts of their homes and schools, and how early childhood behaviors can predict later bullying/victimization statuses.
Date: June 29, 2018
Creator: Natesan, Prathiba; Mitchell, Mary E. & Glover, Rebecca
Partner: UNT College of Education

The Spreading of Charged Micro-Droplets

Description: This article considers the analysis of the Betelu-Fontelos model of the spreading of a charged microdroplet on a at dielectric surface whose spreading is driven by surface tension and electrostatic repulsion.
Date: January 20, 2015
Creator: Iaia, Joseph A.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Nanoimprinted plasmonic nanocavity arrays

Description: This article demonstrates high resonant absorption of visible light with a plasmonic nanocavity chain structure fabricated through resistless nanoimprinting in metal (RNIM).
Date: June 17, 2013
Creator: Kim, Sangsik; Xuan, Yi; Drachev, Vladimir P.; Varghese, Leo T.; Fan, Li; Qi, Minghao et al.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Electric Field Enhanced Photoluminescence of CdTe Quantum Dots Encapsulated in Poly (N-Isopropylacrylamide) Nano-Spheres

Description: This article shows an electric field dependent collapse of the poly(N-isopropylacramide) nanospheres and employs the electric field dependence as a means to adjust the photoluminescence process of the quantum dots in a hybrid material.
Date: November 10, 2008
Creator: Garner, Brett W.; Cai, Tong; Hu, Zhibing & Neogi, Arup
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences