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Primary view of Effects of Entrainment by the Indian Point Power Plant on Biota in the Hudson River Estuary, 1973
New York University. Medical Center. Institute of Environmental Medicine.
September 1974
Primary view of Elastic and inelastic scattering of 1.5-MeV neutrons by the even-A isotopes of zirconium and molybdenum
McDaniel, Floyd Del. (Floyd Delbert), 1942-; Brandenberger, J. D.; Leighton, H. G. & Glasgow, G. P.
September 1974
Primary view of Nuclear lifetime of states in ⁹⁴Tc and ⁹⁶Tc via the pulsed-beam, direct-timing technique
McDaniel, Floyd Del. (Floyd Delbert), 1942- & Snyder, F. D.
September 1974
Primary view of Survival of Azotobacter in Dry Soil
Vela, G. Roland, 1927-
July 1974