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The Charanga in New York, 1987-88: Musical Style, Performance Context, and Tradition

Description: This study describes the state of the charanga, a Latin popular music ensemble, in New York in 1987–1988. After sketching the historical background of the ensemble, I will present and analyze data derived from primary fieldwork with Orquesta Broadway and secondary work with La Orquesta Típica Novel and Charanga América in the domains of musical style, performance context, and tradition.
Date: 2020
Creator: Murphy, John P. (John Patrick)
Partner: UNT College of Music

Competing Discourses: The Interplay of Musical Style and Patronage in Recife’s New Popular Music Scene

Description: Paper on the factors that affected of alternative popular music in Recife, Brazil. The contrasts between the discourses of bands, producers, and patrons reflect larger tensions in the Recife alternative music scene, which in turn point towards ruptures in the relationship between mainstream and alternative cultural production in Brazil.
Date: July 6, 2001
Creator: Murphy, John P. (John Patrick)
Partner: UNT College of Music

Mangue Beat and Popular Culture

Description: This essay explores the author's perspective of Mangue Beat and popular culture. The discussion of popular culture focuses on the musical aspects of popular culture, especially those he experienced during his time living in Recife, Brazil from 1990-91. It includes a translation into Brazilian Portuguese by André Curiati de Paula Bueno.
Date: 2003
Creator: Murphy, John P. (John Patrick) & Bueno, André Curiati de Paula
Partner: UNT College of Music

Music Appreciation: To What End?

Description: This paper was awarded a Nicholas and Anna Ricco Ethics Award for 2013. This paper discusses music appreciation. The author looks at who is qualified to teach a Music Appreciation course, what the true purpose of such a course is in the general curriculum, and what our responsibility in musically educating our citizens is.
Date: February 2013
Creator: Spring, Staci
Partner: UNT College of Music
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