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Caution and Consensus in American Business Meetings
This article focuses on the ways in which cautiousness is exercised to achieve consensus in American business meetings.
Do I Look Illegal? Undocumented Latino/a Students and the Challenges of Life in the Shadows
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on Unauthorized Immigration. This presentation discusses illegal immigration and the challenges for undocumented Latino/a students.
IamWe: Digital Storytelling, Personal Journeys, and Praxis
This chapter discusses the practice of digital storytelling as it relates to personal growth among high school youth who were part of the IamWe program.
"No More Cakes and Ale?" Discovering Ethical Gray Areas in a Design Anthropology Class
This article examines how ethics were learned in a design anthropology class.
Two Reflections on the Symbolic Position of Business Anthology
This article provides comments and reflection on the symbolic position of business anthropology with mainstream anthropology.