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Adherence and the Medical Management of HIV/AIDS: Stress and Coping
Poster examining how stress and coping mechanisms influence the adherence and management of medicine among HIV+ individuals.
Appraisal Factors Associated with Depression in College Students
Poster examining how variant levels of loneliness and forgiveness influence depression among college students.
Association Between HIV-related Coping, Health Distress, Energy and Cognitive Functioning
Poster examining how varying coping mechanisms influence energy, health distress, and cognitive functioning in HIV+ individuals.
Condom Use in HIV+ Adults: Religiosity, Spirituality & Optimism
Poster examining how religiosity, spirituality, and optimism influence condom use in HIV+ adults.
Coping Strategies, Depression, and Perceived Stress in HIV+ Individuals
Poster exploring how maladaptive and adaptive coping mechanisms influence depression and perceived stress among HIV+ individuals.
Current Behavioral and Psychosocial Interventions for HIV/AIDS
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on AIDS. This presentation discusses recent directions in psychosocial research on HIV/AIDS in the United States.
Depression Among College Students: Social Support, Self-Esteem and Loneliness
Poster exploring how social support, self-esteem, and loneliness influence depression among college students.
Disclosure-Related Stigma and Risky Sexual Behavior in HIV+ Adults
Poster examining the relationship between disclosure-related stigma and risky sexual behavior in HIV+ adults.
Disclosure, Stress, and Depression's Relationship to Negative Self-Image in People Living with HIV/AIDS
Poster examining how disclosure, perceived stress, and depression influences the self-image of HIV+ individuals.
Do Anger Expressions, Coping Strategies and Interpersonal Support Dynamics Relate to CD4 Count in HIV-Positive Adults?
Poster investigating the relationships among anger expressions, active coping, social support, and CD4 count within a sample of HIV-positive adults.
Forgiveness and Loneliness in HIV+ African-American Women: Anxiety's Correlates
Poster examining how forgiveness influences loneliness and anxiety in African-American women living with HIV.
Forgiveness, Spirituality, and Perceptions of Stigma in HIV+ Women
Poster examining how forgiveness and spirituality influence perceptions of stigma in HIV+ women.
Gender Differences in Coping and Quality of Life in HIV
Poster examining how gender differences affect coping and quality of life in HIV+ individuals.
Heterosexism and Emotional Support: Correlates of Positive States of Mind in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities
Poster examining the effects of heterosexism (harassment, rejection, discrimination), and emotional support have on the cognitive state of mind of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.
Life After a Decade with HIV: Religiosity, Humor & Avoidance as Coping Strategies
Poster examines religiosity, humor, and avoidance as coping strategies for individuals living with HIV for a decade or longer.
Maladaptive Coping, Stigma, and Forgiveness in HIV+ Adults
Poster exploring how manipulative coping strategies may influence forgiveness in the face of stigma associated with HIV.
Mind Over Body: Predictors of Perceived Health in The Gay Community
Poster exploring how mindfulness influences perceived health and anxiety in the gay community.
Parenting as a Potential Protective factor against Stress for HIV-positive Adults
Poster examining parenting as potential protective factor against stress for HIV+ adults.
Predictors of Health Protective Sexual Communication: Depression and STD Attitudes
Poster analyzing the relationships between health protective sexual communication, depression, and STD attitudes.
Psychological Factors Associated with the Self-Efficacy of Managing HIV/AIDS
Poster exploring the relationship of depression, stress, and quality of sleep with the self-efficacy of managing HIV/AIDS.
The Relationship between Ethnicity, Levels of Self-Forgiveness and HIV Medication Adherence
Poster analyzing the relationships between ethnicity, levels of self-forgiveness, and medication adherence among HIV+ individuals.
Religious Coping, Self-esteem, and Locus of Control: Mindfulness in an HIV+ Population
Poster analyzing how religious coping, self-esteem, and locus of control influence variant levels of mindfulness in an HIV+ population.
Romantic Attachment Style, Self-Esteem, and Forgiveness: Correlates of Depression in College Students
Poster examining how romantic attachment style, self-esteem, and forgiveness influence depression in college students.
Spirituality, Stigma, Anger and Stress: Correlates of Forgiveness in an HIV+ Sample
Poster examining how spirituality, anger, and stress might influence a significant portion of variance in forgiveness in an HIV+ sample.
Stigma, Coping, Pessimism, and Symptom Load: Covariates of Depression in Men and Women with HIV/AIDS
Poster examines how stigma, coping, pessimism, and symptom load influence depression in men and women living with HIV/AIDS.
Stigma, Forgiveness, and Depression in HIV+ Women
Poster exploring the influence forgiveness may have on depression and HIV Stigma in HIV+ women.
Trauma History, Self-Esteem, and Perceived Stress: Correlates of Emotional Well-Being
Poster examining how trauma history, self-esteem, and perceived stress influence emotional well-being in college students.