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Gender and authorship in The Indexer, 1958-2007
Article on gender and authorship in The Indexer from 1958 through 2007.
Genre Terms for Tabletop Games
This document contains genre terms for cataloging table top games within the University of North Texas Libraries Media Library.
Geographic distribution of authors in The Indexer, 1988-2007
Article on the geographic distribution of authors in The Indexer from 1988 through 2007.
Getting ETDs off the Calf-Path: Digital Preservation Readiness for Growing ETD Collections and Distributed Preservation Networks
Paper contributed to the 2009 International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs). This paper discusses digital preservation readiness for growing ETD collections and distributed preservation networks.
Getting ETDs off the Calf-Path: Digital Preservation Readiness for Growing ETD Collections and Distributed Preservation Networks [Presentation]
This presentation addresses "Calf-Path" problems for Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) repositories, problems associated with the early ad hoc and idiosyncratic workflow patterns. This presentation also documents relatively simple principles and guidelines for such ETD programs that can greatly improve the subsequent likelihood of implementing successful distributed digital preservation programs.
Getting Staff Involved: Creating Opportunities for Staff Development, New Services and Increased Productivity
Presentation for the 2014 American Library Association (ALA) annual conference. This presentation discusses getting staff involved and creating opportunities for staff development, new services and increased productivity.
Getting started on Twitter: Communities and Conversations...
This Tech Talk presentation discusses getting started and strategies for using the social media tool Twitter.
Getting started with IIIF
This handout accompanies the presentation "Enabling Scholarly Annotation Using Open Frameworks for the Web" given as part of a panel at El'Manuscript-2016. This handout describes the International Image Interoperability Framework and provides links to resources.
Getting the Word Out: Developing a Marketing Plan for Access Services
Presentation for the 2014 Access Services Annual Conference. This presentation examines how the Head of Access Services at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries developed a marketing plan to increase awareness of services offered by the department.
Getting the Word Out: Strategies for Amplifying your Library's Twitter Presence
Presentation for the 2014 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Annual Conference. This presentation discusses strategies for amplifying your library's Twitter presence and getting the word out.
Getting to know you... LEAP
This presentation discusses LEAP and getting to know students, mentors, and the University of North Texas (UNT) College of Information faculty.
GIS Trends and Open Access
Presentation for the 2016 Open Access Symposium discussing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and data in relation to open access initiatives.
"Good" Digital Collections
This Tech Talks presentation covers the principles that apply to "good" digital collections and analyzes how objects, metadata, and the user interface together create the users' experience of a collection.
Gordon Knox Film Collection: Access to Three Family Collections: How'd We Do It
This presentation discusses the digitization project of the Gordon Knox film collection. The University of North Texas (UNT) Media Library began working with the donors and assessing the project plan for digitizing this collection in 2007 and the films were made available in the UNT Digital Library in 2010. This presentation describes the strategies, initial challenges, processes, and lessons learned from working on this project.
E-Government and Libraries Helpful Resources
Article on e-government services and how libraries can provide helpful online government resources.
Government Information for Parents and Teachers
Article on the expansion of access to government web sites to include Internet-based educational resources for children, teachers, and parents.
Graphic Editing for the Non-Techie: Using Photoshop or Free Programs
This presentation discusses graphic editing. It includes basic rules of thumb, basic graphic editing skills, pros and cons of Photoshop, basic Photoshop tools, and alternatives to Photoshop.
Guide to Options for ETD Programs
Chapter from Guidance Documents for Lifecycle Management of ETDs. This chapter describes ETD access policies and intellectual property issues, deposit procedures, repository system options, ETD program management and ETD program services.
HAM: A Hybrid Aquisitions Model for Public Libraries
This book chapter discusses how to operationalize acquisitions through a discussion of various models of acquisitions, encompassing budgeting, working with vendors, selection, ordering, receiving, processing, and overall administration of the process.
[Handout to Accompany Poster on Implementation of a New Date/Time Standard]
Handout with supplementary information to accompany the poster "Implementation of a New Date/Time Standard in Digital Library Metadata." In includes examples of dates that meet Extended Date/Time Format (EDTF) standards, examples of problems encountered when normalizing date displays for users, additional statistics related to already-valid dates in the digital collections at the time that the standards were formally adopted, and links to online materials.
[Handout to Accompany Poster on Scanning TRAIL Project Technical Reports]
Handout with supplementary information to accompany the poster "Scanning TRAIL Project Technical Reports: A Workflow for a Large-Scale Collaborative Digitization Effort." In includes a brief overview of the project, a list of hardware and software used in the project, and a detailed list of the steps for each stage of the process (Inventory, Scanning, Processing, Metadata, and Upload).
Hidden Collections Redux: Summer 2013
This report is offers an update on the hidden collections at the UNT Libraries. Its purpose is to serve as a true representation of the collections in the UNT Libraries with little or no access.
Hiring and Training Graduate Assistants for the Academic Library
Book chapter discussing hiring and training graduate assistants for the academic library.
History indexes reviewed
Article discussing index characteristics mentioned in reviews of history books appearing in Reviews in History.
Hold It! Improving Access to Collections with an Online Holds Service
Article on improving access to collections with an online holds service at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.
How Are We Doing? Assessing the Relevance of Cataloging Services
Poster presentation for the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Annual Conference. This poster summarizes the results of a survey administered by the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries Cataloging and Metadata Services Department from October 27 through November 17, 2014. The purpose of the research study was to assess how Public Service employees rate the importance of Cataloging and Metadata Services activities, and how satisfied Public Service employees are with Cataloging and Metadata Services activities.
How Descriptive Metadata Changes in the UNT Libraries' Collection: A Case Study
Paper describing the results of initial research to evaluate general information about how records change in a digital library, using the UNT digital collections as a sample set. The analysis looked at several key concepts including the number of records that have been edited, the number of edits per record, the number of editors per record, the amount of change in file size and in completeness (i.e., values in required fields), and changes in access to digital objects.
How Descriptive Metadata Changes in the UNT Libraries' Collection: A Case Study [Presentation]
Presentation for the 2014 DCMI International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications. This presentation discusses a case study of how descriptive metadata changes in the UNT Libraries' collections.
How Digital Libraries can Create a Culture of Open Access on Campus
Presentation for a panel discussion at the 2013 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries. This panel presentation discusses how digital libraries can create a culture of open access on campus. Five panelists discuss their perspectives, strategies, challenges, and progress.
How to Take Better Photographs: Control Quality by Controlling the Camera
In this Tech Talk presentation, the authors demonstrate simple ways to improve a photograph by making use of camera controls and by considering location, lighting, and composition. The authors will introduce basic information about using manual camera settings to control aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and the authors will discuss specific "shooting" situations such as portraits, group photos, and events.
How We Pay for Publishing
Article discussing how we pay for scholarly publishing. Since at least the late 1970s, when stresses in the market for scholarly literature began to show, there have been calls to redistribute how the production and dissemination of scholarly literature are paid for. The motivations are addressing the "free rider problem" of institutions without presses and, more recently, increasing overall access to the literature. In particular, the last few years have seen schemes such as SCOAP3 and Knowledge Unlatched and proposals from K | N Consultants and a joint task force of the Association of Research Libraries and the American Association of Universities. These plans to establish new business models are summarized.
Hypermedia, Interactive Multimedia, and Virtual Realities
Article discussing hypermedia, interactive multimedia, and virtual realities.
iCAMP: Curate, Archive, Manage, Preserve
This presentation discusses the iCAMP project; Curate, Archive, Manage, Preserve. It discusses research data management curricula gaps, a summary of other key projects and findings, the iCAMP project aims and research methodology, gives a review of iCAMP results, and offers questions raised for the future.
ILLiad and Discovery Services
Presentation for the 2015 Texas Library Association (TLA) Annual Conference. This presentation discusses ILLiad and discovery services.
ImageMagick Workshop Handout
This handout accompanies a workshop presentation for the 2013 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL). The workshop introduces command-line image manipulation using the open source software ImageMagick.
The Impact of Digitizing Resources: Content Partner and User Perspectives
Presentation for the 2012 Digital Frontiers Conference. This presentation discusses research to measure the impact of digital assets in The Portal to Texas History.
The Impact of Embedded Librarianship on Liaison Activities
Poster on the impact of embedded librarianship on liaison activities presented for the Medical Library Association, South Central Chapter Annual Meeting. This poster took third place in the judging for the 2013 Elizabeth K. Eaton Research Awards.
The Impact of Open Access in Scholarly Communications: Stakeholders Perspectives
Panel presentation for the 2013 Digital Frontiers Annual Conference. In this presentation, the panelists discuss the impact of open access on scholarly communications with perspectives from five different stakeholders.
The Impact of Open Access on the Current Landscape of Scholarly Communication
Presentation for Jimma University in summer 2015 discussing the impact of open access on the current landscape of scholarly communication.
Implementation of a New Date/Time Standard in Digital Library Metadata
Poster illustrating issues involved in fully-implementing the Extended Date/Time Format (EDTF) standards in the UNT Libraries' digital collections, comprising The Portal to Texas History, the UNT Digital Library, and The Gateway to Oklahoma History.
Implementing a Collaborative Workflow for Metadata Analysis, Quality Improvement, and Mapping
Article on implementing a collaborative workflow for metadata analysis, quality improvement, and mapping.
Implementing a Robust Architecture for a Centralized Portal System
Poster presented at the 2005 ALISE Annual Conference. This poster discusses the architecture for a centralized portal system.
Implementing Name Authority Control into Institutional Repositories: A Staged Approach
This presentation discusses name authority for institutional repositories. It gives an overview of some major initiatives in name authority and outlines the staged approach taken by the UNT Libraries.
Implementing Name Authority Control into Institutional Repositories: A Staged Approach
Paper written for the 2013 Open Repositories conference about the implementation of name authority in the UNT Digital Library.
Implementing the Extended Date/Time Format in Digital Collections
Presentation for the 2013 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Conference. This presentation discusses the implementation of the Extended Date/Time Format (EDTF) within the University of North Texas (UNT) digital collections. It includes a summary of the kinds of date formats in the EDTF with examples from the digital collections, a description of methods used to implement and utilize the machine-readability of the format, and an overview of reasons that other institutions may want to consider switching to the EDTF.
Importance of GIS Repositories
This presentation highlights the importance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data repositories, including issues and challenges.
The Importance of the Cover Letter: Why a Resume is not Enough
This presentation discusses the importance of including a well-written cover letter with a resume. The author points out why a resume is not enough when applying for a job and offers guidelines for how to successfully write a cover letter.
Improving Access: Texas Topographic Map Project
In this presentation, the author gives the background, goals, process, challenges, and next steps of the Texas Topographic Map Project. For this project, the University of North Texas Libraries' Digital Projects Unit is digitizing topographic maps to be included in The Portal to Texas History.
Improving Access to Music: A Report of the MLA Music Thesaurus Project Working Group
This article reports on the work of the Music Library Association (MLA) Music Thesaurus Project Working Group.
Improving Access to Web Archives through Innovative Analysis of PDF Content
This paper discusses improving access to web archives through innovative analysis of PDF content. The paper discusses the overall workflow and describes the tools used to extract document features. Findings suggest opportunities for the development of retrieval tools that will provide new ways of selecting content and building collections from large Web archives.