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Cooperative Strategies for Distributed Digital Preservation: Toward a Reference Model for Distributed Digital Preservation

Description: Presented at the Coalition of Networked Information (CNI) 2010 Spring Forum. This presentation presents findings from collaborative preservation projects undertaken by the MetaArchive Cooperative and the University of North Texas.
Date: April 13, 2010
Creator: Skinner, Katherine & Halbert, Martin
Partner: UNT Libraries

Rediscovery of the Elements

Description: Interactive DVD documenting the research by Dr. James and Virginia Marshall to trace the history of the elements in the periodic table. It includes biographical information on the scientists who discovered each of the elements, notes about each of the elements with photos, periodic tables, maps and photographs of the cities where elements were discovered, a timeline of discoveries, written articles about the research, and other background documentation.
Date: July 2010
Creator: Marshall, James L., 1940- & Marshall, Virginia R.
Partner: UNT Libraries

My Texas History Notebook: Interactive Lesson Plans for 4th and 7th Graders Grant Materials

Description: These grant materials were prepared for a project funded by Humanities Texas to develop and present online lesson plans that incorporate the interactive notebook style of learning. This method of teaching combines three pivotal concepts in educational research: spiral curriculum theory, multiple intelligences, and cooperative interaction. This problem-based learning system incorporates preview assignments, multiple intelligences teaching strategies, graphically organized notes, and processing assignments that require students to demonstrate their knowledge. The documents explore the research and methodology behind this style of pedagogy, and the elements of an interactive notebook. A work plan details how the project would work with master teachers to develop this curriculum. The project was funded for $5,000.
Date: March 2010
Creator: Carlisle, Tara & Belden, Dreanna
Partner: UNT Libraries

Organizational History of The Portal to Texas History, 2010

Description: This document is a brief organizational history for The Portal to Texas History for 2010. This document was used for grant submissions to state or federal funding agencies, or private foundations. This document reflects on strategic directions for the program, as well as the number of collaborative partners for the Portal, and the number of historic documents in the digital library.
Date: 2010
Creator: Belden, Dreanna
Partner: UNT Libraries

From a Shed in Ojai to a Library in Denton: Reassembling and Preserving the Maynard Ferguson Collection at UNT [Presentation Notes]

Description: Notes accompanying a presentation for the 2010 Texas Music Library Association (TMLA) Annual Meeting. These notes and the presentation discuss reassembling and preserving the Maynard Ferguson collection at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.
Date: October 8, 2010
Creator: Feustle, Maristella
Partner: UNT Libraries

7.5 Minute Quadrangle Project

Description: Presentation for the 2010 Depository Library Council Annual Meeting. This presentation discusses the 7.5 minute quadrangle project by the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Projects Unit and gives the background, goals, processes, challenges, and next steps.
Date: October 18, 2010
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward
Partner: UNT Libraries

Preserving Our Collections, Preserving Our Missions

Description: This book chapter discusses digital collection preservation. The authors provide a philosophical base for cultural memory organizations' need to participate in distributed digital preservation solutions as community-owned and community-led initiatives. This chapter will be useful for all readers, particularly those with questions about the value of collaborative engagement in the digital arena for cultural memory organizations.
Date: 2010
Creator: Halbert, Martin & Skinner, Katherine
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Partnership Born of Urgency and Civic Responsibility: Preserving Access to Government Websites Through the CyberCemetery

Description: This presentation discusses preserving access to government websites through the CyberCemetery. It includes information about what the CyberCemetery is, its purpose, the development, archival process, technical details, users by country, types of content, and using the CyberCemetery.
Date: April 22, 2010
Creator: Hoffman, Starr
Partner: UNT Libraries