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Atrazine Monitoring and Modeling in the Lake Lavon Watershed

Description: This report describes a study to identify the distribution and extent of areas potentially at risk for atrazine (a broad leaf weedkiller) runoff in the Lake Lavon watershed, which is a major water supply for the Dallas area. The report presents the results of the study and makes recommendations for how information can be used in a cost-effective watershed atrazine reduction strategy.
Date: August 2001
Creator: Atkinson, Samuel F.; Waller, William T.; Dickson, Kenneth L.; Sanmanee, Sirichai & Moreno, Maria C.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Collection Plan for the CyberCemetery

Description: This report discusses the collection plan for the CyberCemetery, part of the Web-at-Risk project. The topics include the mission and scope, the selection, acquisition, descriptive metadata, presentation and access, maintenance and weeding, and preservation.
Date: August 21, 2006
Creator: Glenn, Valerie & Hoffman, Starr
Partner: UNT Libraries

Federated Search

Description: This presentation discusses federated and faceted searching including target audiences, expectations, approaches, protocols, uses, and issues.
Date: August 24, 2006
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward
Partner: UNT Libraries

Optimizing the User Experience in a Rapid Development Framework: Denton County Genealogical Society: Initial Usability Test Results, August 2008

Description: This report presents the findings of usability tests given as part of the IOGENE project. During March and April of 2008, members of the Denton County Genealogical Society participated in usability testing of the existing interface to the Portal. The purpose of the testing was to identify ways in which The Portal to Texas History could be improved to better address genealogists' needs. This report tells the findings from those tests. These findings in conjunction with the findings from focus group discussions held in the spring of 2008 will inform the initial redesign of the Portal's interface.
Date: August 2008
Creator: Murray, Kathleen R.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Web Collection Plan Overview: Considerations for Project Curators

Description: This report is part of the Web-at-Risk project. The guidelines in this document are intended to assist the Web-at-Risk's project's curators in developing plans for the collections they will create using the project's Web Archiving Service (WAS). A web collection typically consists of a group of web-sites related by a common subject, theme, or event. Librarians will notice that some familiar concepts and practices from collection planning for print materials easily transfer to collection planning for web-published materials while some new concepts and unfamiliar practices are introduced. To effectively manage collections of web-published materials, it is good practice to either create new plans or modify existing collection plans to address these concepts and practices.
Date: August 24, 2006
Creator: Murray, Kathleen R. & Hsieh, Inga K.
Partner: UNT Libraries