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The Peasant Union Movement: The Quest for the Political Organization of Peasants in the Soviet Union in the 1920s
This book chapter discusses the peasant union movement and the quest for the political organization of peasants in the Soviet Union in the 1920s.
Maintaining Quality Metadata: Toward Effective Digital Resource Lifecycle Management
Book chapter on maintaining quality metadata and effective digital resource lifecycle management.
"The Silicon Dream": Breaking Glass on the Small Screen
Book chapter discussing the Brian Gibson film "Breaking Glass" and the author's experiences viewing the film and thoughts about the impressions it made.
Collaborating with Your Local Public Library
This book chapter discusses collaborating with local public libraries.
Preserving Our Collections, Preserving Our Missions
This book chapter discusses digital collection preservation. The authors provide a philosophical base for cultural memory organizations' need to participate in distributed digital preservation solutions as community-owned and community-led initiatives. This chapter will be useful for all readers, particularly those with questions about the value of collaborative engagement in the digital arena for cultural memory organizations.
Hiring and Training Graduate Assistants for the Academic Library
Book chapter discussing hiring and training graduate assistants for the academic library.
Mentoring Graduate Assistants in the Academic Library
Book chapter discussing mentoring graduate assistants in the academic library.
Educating the Community: Preserving Tomorrow's Treasures Today
This book chapter discusses educating communities. and preserving tomorrow's treasures today. Librarians, curators, archivists, and volunteers work hard to conserve and preserve materials as they are added to their collections, insuring that the materials can be safely used. However, not all genealogical and historical information is held in cultural institutions; unknown numbers of valuable information sources reside with individuals and in residences. By educating the community today on how to protect the treasures in their care, we have the potential to minimize the repairs needed for these items in the future.
Reengineering The Portal to Texas History
This book chapter reports on a case study on the activities, findings, and lessons learned during a project that replaced the legacy Digital Asset Management (DAM) system of The Portal to Texas History at the University of North Texas Libraries with an open source system.
Skins and Bones: The Horror of the Real
This book chapter examines the ways in which horror, as an aesthetic mode or sentiment, is bound to an experiential perception of "the real."
Open (Flu) Season: A Case Study of The American Influenza Epidemic of 1918: A Digital Encyclopedia
Book chapter discussing a project by the University of Michigan's Center for the History of Medicine (CHM) in partnership with the University of Michigan Library's MPublishing division, to create an open source digital collection of archival, primary, and interpretive materials related to the history of the 1918 influenza pandemic in the United States.
A snare in every human path: "Tamerlane" and the Paternal Scapegoat
This book chapter examines Edgar Allan Poe's poem "Tamerlane" through Poe's reimagination of the artist-as-scapegoat figure as a viable alternative for preserving artistic integrity in the face of paternal and literary authority.
HAM: A Hybrid Aquisitions Model for Public Libraries
This book chapter discusses how to operationalize acquisitions through a discussion of various models of acquisitions, encompassing budgeting, working with vendors, selection, ordering, receiving, processing, and overall administration of the process.
Theses and Dissertations from Print to ETD: The Nuances of Preserving and Accessing Those in Music
Book chapter discussing the unique challenges of digitizing music theses and dissertations.
Guide to Options for ETD Programs
Chapter from Guidance Documents for Lifecycle Management of ETDs. This chapter describes ETD access policies and intellectual property issues, deposit procedures, repository system options, ETD program management and ETD program services.
Metadata for ETD Lifecycle Management
Chapter from Guidance Documents for Lifecycle Management of ETDs. This chapter describes the roles of metadata in facilitating the ETD lifecycle, methods to capture metadata manually and automatically, examples of programs using metadata to enhance ETD access, and strategies to manage metadata over time.
Performance Practice: Crafting a Historically Informed Interpretation of Nouvelles Poésies
This book chapter discusses performance practice and crafting a historically informed interpretation of "Nouvelles Poésies."
The Evolution of Publishing Agreements at the University of Michigan Library
Book chapter on the evolution of publishing agreements at the University of Michigan Library. Taking as an example an open-access journal with a single editor, this chapter discusses the various configurations of rights agreements used by the University of Michigan Library throughout the evolution of its publishing operation, the advantages of the various models, and the reasons for moving from one to another.
Professional Development Assessment Paella
This book chapter contains a recipe detailing the assessment methods of a professional development program at University of North Texas Libraries.
Rendering Repositories: Taking out the Fat and Getting to the Impact
This book chapter contains a recipe detailing how to survey users for understanding the perceived value of digital library collections.
Rubrics and Rutabagas: Only One is Useful for Assessing Staff During Evaluations
This book chapter contains a recipe detailing how rubrics can be used for discussing employee performance expectations and evaluations.
Stop Folding the Dough: Intervening to Decide Whether or Not to Assess Again
This book chapter contains a recipe detailing the assessment methods of the Assessment Workgroup at the University of North Texas Libraries.
Tower Cakes for Ranking Subscription Resources
This book chapter contains a recipe detailing a method to evaluate subscription-based resources based on objective data and subjective input.