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Cleaning up Messy Data with Open Refine
This Tech Talk presentation discusses the open source software OpenRefine and strategies for cleaning up messy data.
Creating A Featured Book Display: Marrying old and new technologies
This Tech Talk presentation describes the process used to select the individual works and the inspiration behind the solution to the problem - a physical representation of a digital object.
Digital Library Evaluation
This Tech Talk presentation discusses digital libraries and methods used to evaluate these collections and the practices for developing and maintaining them.
Enhancing the Quality of Metadata: Modular Approach to Digital Resource Lifecycle Management
This Tech Talk presentation discusses digital resource management. Templates, validation, controlled vocabularies, analysis tools, graphical reports, and more are explained in this presentation.
This Tech Talk presentation explores Folksonomy. The author explores some of the more common aspects of folksonomies in the context of Web 2.0.
Getting started on Twitter: Communities and Conversations...
This Tech Talk presentation discusses getting started and strategies for using the social media tool Twitter.
"Good" Digital Collections
This Tech Talks presentation covers the principles that apply to "good" digital collections and analyzes how objects, metadata, and the user interface together create the users' experience of a collection.
How to Take Better Photographs: Control Quality by Controlling the Camera
In this Tech Talk presentation, the authors demonstrate simple ways to improve a photograph by making use of camera controls and by considering location, lighting, and composition. The authors will introduce basic information about using manual camera settings to control aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and the authors will discuss specific "shooting" situations such as portraits, group photos, and events.
Introduction to METS: UNT Libraries' Tech Talks
This Tech Talk presentation explores METS. The Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) is an initiative of the Digital Library Federation. Maintained by the Library of Congress, it provides a standard vocabulary and set of data structures for encoding hierarchical digital object content and metadata. In this presentation the author explains more about these parts of METS, and discusses how METS may be applicable to digital collections in the UNT Libraries.
An Introduction to MODS: The Metadata Object Description Schema
This Tech Talks presentation offers an introduction to MODS. The presenter utilizes real life examples to show how MODS can be used with the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS).
This Tech Talks presentation discusses the jEdit text editor. jEdit is an open-source text editor available online which is used within the Digital Projects Lab for programming and for editing XML metadata files. In this Tech Talk, Metadata Librarian Hannah Tarver describes some of the ways that jEdit can be customized to make editing quicker and easier for documents that use mark-up languages or plain text.
The Next Generation of Creative Commons Licenses, What's New in CC 4.0
This Tech Talk presentation discusses the next generation of Creative Commons (CC) licenses and what is new in CC 4.0.
This Tech Talk presentation discusses how the Open Archive Initiative (OAI) and the Object Reuse and Exchange (ORE) are used in the University of North Texas (UNT) Digital Library. OAI-ORE define the standards for the description and exchange of aggregations of Web resources.
Unplug Your Mouse: Workflow Automation with AutoHotkey
This Tech Talk presentation discusses workflow automation with AutoHotkey. AutoHotkey provides an easy to use scripting language for assigning multiple actions to a single key command, or hotkey. The AutoHotkey syntax also supports programming constructs and the creation of graphical user interfaces for developing complex applications. This Tech Talk will demonstrate how to write AutoHotkey scripts and give examples of how the Digital Projects Unit is using the software to streamline repetitive tasks.
Web Browser Automation With Selenium IDE
This Tech Talk presentation discusses web browser automation with Selenium IDE. The presenter covers the basics of Selenium IDE, examples of its use, and a demonstration.